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Top 11 Best Hidden Safes of 2024

Hidden gun safes are an invaluable tool for keeping firearms secure while still allowing easy access. With a variety of designs, materials, and locks for rifle safes available, they offer great convenience and peace of mind.

This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights on the top 10 hidden gun safes of 2024, offering readers tips and recommendations to help them make the best decision. From Tactical Walls 1450M Concealment Mirrors to Secure It Under Bed Safes, tips for selecting the right hiding guns safe, and the pros and cons of hidden gun safes in general—this guide is packed with information to help transform your home into a secure fortress.


Best Hidden Gun Safes


Short Summary

  • Hidden gun safes provide secure storage solutions for firearms and other valuables, with features such as RFID locks, biometric fingerprint readers, No-Eyes keypads, and discreet designs.

  • When purchasing a hidden gun safe, it is important to consider factors such as size, RFID locking systems, biometric scanners, and steel construction for optimal security.

  • The 10 Best Hidden Gun Safes of 2024 offer a combination of security, convenience, and discretion, with options such as the Tactical Walls 1450M Concealment Mirror, Hollon B1500 In Floor Safe, and GunVault SpeedVault.

What is a Hidden Gun Safe?

A concealed gun safe, also known as a secret compartment or a hidden gun safe, is a secure storage solution for firearms and other valuable items that is designed to be discreet and blend in with its surroundings. The purpose of a concealed gun safe is to offer a secure storage solution for firearms, handguns, shotguns and rifles.

Examples of items that can be employed as concealed gun safes include flag safes with a magnetic lock, picture frames, concealment flag gun safes, the Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker, the Hidden Gun Storage Farmhouse Style Pine Cabinet, the San Tan Woodworks Carved Burnt Wood Concealment American Flag and the American Furniture Classics Concept Shelf.

For optimal concealment of a safe in one's residence, garages, living rooms, and second-story bedrooms are recommended locations.

11 Best Hidden Gun Safes of 2024


Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe  open


Experience ultimate on-the-go security with the Revolutionary RAPiD® Vehicle Safe, your custom-fit solution for safe and secure firearm storage in your vehicle.

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

Introducing the game-changing RAPiD® Vehicle Safe, your ultimate on-the-go security solution for peace of mind. The safe boasts an innovative, patent-pending mounting system that employs an inflatable bladder, conforming perfectly to your vehicle's interior without any permanent modifications. Power isn't a concern either, with an included 12-volt car adapter and an option to use four AAA batteries for added flexibility.

The RAPiD® Vehicle Safe sets itself apart by accommodating a variety of firearms including many 4-inch barrel pistols and 2-inch revolvers. It surpasses safety standards, ensuring your valuables are robustly protected. Access is a breeze with the fast and dependable touch-free entry and an additional convenient keypad for secure access. Built with a heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction, this safe resists break-in attempts and keeps your belongings safe and ready.

Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe in car

The RAPiD® Vehicle Safe package includes the safe itself, a 12V car adapter, RFID wristband, two RFID stickers, an RFID key fob, two circular barrel keys, and a security cable. With an exterior dimension of 12" x 6.4" x 2.2" and an interior dimension of 7.5" x 5.6" x 1.7", this safe is an optimal choice for anyone who values security on the go. Upgrade your vehicle's security with the revolutionary RAPiD® Vehicle Safe today!

  • Exterior Dimensions 12" x 6.4" x 2.2"
  • Interior Dimensions 7.5" x 5.6" x 1.7"
  • Weight 9.7 lbs


  • Versatile
  • Great Price
  • Secure Access


  • May be limiting for larger firearms

Gunvault SV500 Speedvault STD

gunvault sv500 speedvault closed handgun inside


Experience rapid, secure access to your firearm with the compact and robust GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Pistol Safe.

gunvault sv500 speedvault closed mounted open

Unveiling the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Pistol Safe - a blend of security and quick accessibility for firearm owners. This safe guarantees that your handgun is both within easy reach and securely stowed away from unauthorized users.

Don't compromise your firearm's safety or accessibility. Opt for the GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Pistol Safe, your key to secure, effortless access to your handgun. Purchase now and feel the reassurance that comes with having a top-tier gun safe.

gunvault sv500 speedvault closed bracket

The safe's standout feature, the patented No-Eyes® Keypad, ensures rapid, seamless access to your firearm in emergencies without needing to look at the keypad. The backup override key grants access to your safe under all conditions, including keypad failure or battery exhaustion.

The GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Pistol Safe incorporates an audio and LED low battery warning system to prevent lock-outs due to a dead battery. Coupled with a quick shipping time of 3-5 business days, your new safe can be swiftly delivered to your doorstep.

  • Exterior Dimensions 3.5" x 6.5" x 13"
  • Interior Dimensions 2.6" x 5.75" x 8.5"
  • Weight 7 lbs


  • Great Price
  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • Made in USA


  • Limited Capacity

Barska AX13200 Floor Safe

Barska AX13200 Floor Safe front view


Experience ultimate discreet security with the Barska 0.89 Cubic Ft. Floor Safe - robustly built for top-notch protection of your valuables.


Barska AX13200 Floor Safe open

Secure your prized possessions and critical paperwork with the Barska Floor Safe, a hidden and robust solution. This solid steel safe, offering 0.89 cubic feet of storage space, becomes nearly unassailable once embedded in your foundation. Once in place, it integrates seamlessly with your floor, making it easy to disguise under a carpet or other furnishings. It also features a drop-slot, making it convenient to deposit items without opening the safe. From cash and jewelry to compact electronics, this safe has room for it all. Secure peace of mind today with the Barska Underground Floor Safe.

Barska AX13200 Floor Safe open empty

One of the standout characteristics of the Barska Floor Safe is its solid steel construction, ensuring long-lasting durability and robust protection of its contents. The safe's versatile design makes it perfect for both home and office use, providing a secure storage solution for a variety of settings. Security is further amplified by the three steel locking deadbolts and anti-pry concealed door hinges, making it significantly harder for unauthorized access. The safe's door is designed to be easily concealed under carpets or rugs, adding to its discreet nature. An included protective floor mat guards against scratches and damages to your valuables, while the deposit slot offers the ease of depositing cash or small envelopes without opening the safe.

This model, coded as AX13200, is constructed with alloy steel, ensuring its strength and durability. Invest in the Barska Floor Safe and experience a new level of security for your valuables.

  • Exterior Dimensions  13.25" x 14.75" x 12.25"
  • Interior Dimensions 12.75" x 14.25" x 8.5"
  • Weight 87 lbs


  • Great Price
  • 12 Gauge Steel
  • Made in USA


  • Weighs 87 lbs.

AMSEC UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe

AMSEC UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe


Secure your peace of mind with the American Security UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe - ultimate firearm security with instant accessibility.

AMSEC UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe Open Empty

The American Security UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe is your ideal choice for the safekeeping of firearms with the convenience of easy access.

No longer will you need to fret about unauthorized usage of your home-defense weapon, thanks to this premium gun safe that brings tranquility to your life.

Crafted from robust 18 and 7 gauge steel, this safe promises absolute safety for your firearms. Its design incorporates a foam-padded slide-out gun tray, a 4-point locking system, and mounting holes on the top and bottom walls for enhanced stability..

AMSEC UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe In SUV Trunk

In addition, the backlit ESL5LP digital lock ensures easy unlocking even in dim light, and the silent stealth mode ensures the keypad remains noiseless when required.

The compact dimensions of 6.00" H x 48.00" W x 14.63" D enable the American Security UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe to snugly fit under most beds. For extra security, it can be bolted to the floor or bed.

Furthermore, the safe comes with side handles that allow straps or security cables to be attached. It also includes a flashlight clip and flashlight for your convenience.

For individuals seeking to maintain the safety of their firearms while ensuring quick access when needed, this gun safe is the solution.

  • Exterior Dimensions 6" H x 48" W x 14.63" D
  • Interior Dimensions 3.50" H x 44.50" W x 13.63" D
  • Weight 80 lbs


  • Enhanced Security
  • Convenient Access
  • Extra Features
  • Great Price


  • Installation: Needs to be bolted to the floor or bed for optimal security, which may require some effort.

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker XL

98191 RAPiD Safe AR Gunlocker


Unleash ultimate security with Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gunlocker XL - compact, child-proof, and RFID-activated for quick, secure access to your firearms.

98191 RAPiD Safe AR Gunlocker open with guns

The completely enclosed design of this gun locker offers the same convenience and foolproof security as our other RAPiD® rifle safes. The spring-loaded door on the front end makes it perfect for placement under a bed, in the back of an SUV, or installed in a closet. The foam inserts can hold up to two tactical length rifles and/or shotguns. It is activated via RFID by wristband, key fob, or sticker for instant, hands-free entry, and it can be programmed with up to five RFID tags. The locker offers convenient keypad access with the ability to set a four- to six-digit security code.

98191 RAPiD Safe AR Gunlocker XL open sideview

The locker is certified child-resistant, surpassing ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance, lock durability, drop/pick/saw tests, and hinge attack resistance.

The locker uses AC and battery power to ensure your firearm is secure and ready for use 24/7.
It has a robust, tamper-proof construction made of thick 16 gauge steel with four internal hardened locking lugs. An included cable and pre-drilled mounting holes provide additional security.

The complete package includes the RAPiD® Safe, Wall Power Supply, RFID Wristband, two RFID Stickers, RFID Key Fob, two Circular Barrel Keys, and a Security Cable.

  • Exterior Dimensions 10" H x 42" W x 15.25" D
  • Interior Dimensions 8.74" H x 40.50" W x 13.50" D
  • Weight 62 lbs


  • Unmatched Security: Offers RFID activation and robust steel construction.
  • Flexible Placement: Fits perfectly under a bed, in an SUV, or a closet.
  • Child-Proof: Exceeds ASTM safety standards, ensuring resistance to unauthorized access.


  • Limited Space: Only houses two tactical length weapons, limiting storage capacity.

Tactical Walls 1242 RLS Concealment Shelf

Tactical Walls 1242 RLS Concealment Shelf


Discreetly stylish, exceptionally secure – discover the new definition of safekeeping.


Tactical Walls 1242 RLS Concealment Shelf open contents inside

Presenting the 1242 Top Locking Concealment Shelf, an elite storage solution combining aesthetics with security. It houses a foam-lined hidden compartment that spans 12 inches in depth and 42 inches in width, providing ample room for storing your firearms, jewelry, or other precious items.

Installation is effortless. The shelf can be mounted like any standard shelf, and accessing the covert compartment is straightforward - just employ the provided keys at the two points on the top of the shelf. Assisted by a pneumatic strut, the lower half of the shelf opens smoothly, enabling easy access to your possessions.

For added convenience, optional LED lights activate when motion is detected. And if you need to store extra firearms, consider our Hide-a-mag product.

Tactical Walls 1242 RLS Conceal Under

Customizing the medium-density polyurethane foam insert is a cinch. Simply cut the foam to fit your needs, peel off the self-adhesive backing, and attach it to the bottom of the compartment. The foam will hold everything securely in place.

This shelf is proudly manufactured in the United States, utilizing only the highest quality furniture-grade 9-ply birch plywood and solid hardwoods. There is no fiberboard, OSB, or cheap wood used in this product. The shelf arrives fully assembled and ready for installation, accompanied by two shelf brackets for additional support and stability.

The package includes the 1242 Top Locking Concealment Shelf, two magnetic keys, a 42x12x1.5 inch customizable foam pad, two brackets, anchors, and screws. Invest in a storage solution that offers reliability - secure the 1242 Top Locking Concealment Shelf today!

  • Exterior Dimensions 5" H x 50.75" W x 14.50" D
  • Interior Dimensions 4" H x 42" W x 12" D
  • Weight 35 lbs


  • High-quality construction
  • Ample, versatile storage
  • Easy installation and access


  • Extras not included

SecureIt Tactical FB-47-01 Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe

SecureIt FB 47 01 Tactical Fast Box 47 Open


SecureIt Fast Box 47 - Fast Access, Uncompromised Security.

SecureIt Tactical FB 47 01 Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe Accessories

Introducing the SecureIt FB-47-01 Tactical Fast Box 47, the pinnacle of secure firearm storage combined with rapid access.

Designed for ultimate convenience, this exceptional product can be mounted under your bed or in a closet, enabling swift access to your firearms when needed.

Understanding the utmost importance of security, this concealed gun safe comes equipped with pre-drilled holes for secure bolting to a stable surface. Sleep peacefully knowing your firearms have an additional layer of secure storage. This makes the Fast Box 47 perfectly suitable for police departments, law enforcement agencies, and military operations where security is of the highest priority.

SecureIt Tactical FB-47-01 Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe Open Stocked

Forget the hassle of readjusting your firearm's optic each time you access it. The Fast Box 47's depth is meticulously designed to fit any firearm with an optic still attached, eliminating the need for constant re-zeroing. Rest assured that your firearm will be operationally ready when required.

If you're keen on optimizing your storage space, you'll be impressed by the extra handgun and ammo storage made possible through this smart design.

Don't settle when it comes to the safety and accessibility of your firearms. Invest in the SecureIt FB-47-01 Tactical Fast Box 47 today and experience the tranquility that accompanies superior storage and swift access.

  • Exterior Dimensions 6.50" H x 47" W x 13" D
  • Interior Dimensions 6.26" H x 46.75" W x 11.75" D
  • Weight 87 lbs


  • Quick Access: Designed for lightning-fast retrieval of firearms
  • Versatile Placement: Mounts conveniently under a bed or in a closet.
  • Maximized Storage: Ingenious design allows for additional handgun and ammo storage.


  • Limited Color Options: May not suit all interior aesthetics or preferences.

Tactical Walls 1450 Concealment Mirror

Tactical Walls 1450 Concealment Mirror


Elegance meets security in the 1420 Concealment Mirror Bundle - your stylish secret to home defense

Tactical Walls 1450 Concealment Mirror open items inside

Seeking a fusion of style and safety in a home defense solution? The 1420 Concealment Mirror Bundle is your answer! Nestled behind its classic short-length mirror is a hidden compartment of 14"W x 20"H x 3.5"D. Recessed between 16" on center studs, this bundle requires a wall hole, making it a perfect fit for concealed storage.

Crafted with care in the USA from poplar and furniture-grade birch plywood, the 1420 Concealment Mirror stands for enduring quality. With a shatter-resistant coating on the mirror and a smoothly sliding door courtesy of the hardwood frame and superior materials, it’s built to last.

Tailor your 1420 Concealment Mirror with a variety of accessories like LED lights, coat hooks, and extra shelves. Don't compromise with an unsightly gun safe – embrace the secure elegance of the 1420 Concealment Mirror Bundle today!

Tactical Walls 1450 Concealment Mirror open empty

Customize your 1420 Concealment Mirror with mirror, dry erase board, or custom canvas covers. For enhanced security, select the SnapSafe Digital Wall Safe insert. This steel safe offers a programmable electronic keypad or key access, and features an automatic internal LED light upon opening.

The 1420 Concealment Mirror provides quick, easy access to your firearms with a concealed lock and included magnetic key. The lock, hidden behind the frame, latches onto the frame, enabling easy door opening. Magnetic firearm retention simplifies access and organization of your weapons.

  • Exterior Dimensions 60" H X 22.50" W X 2.50" D
  • Interior Dimensions
  • Weight 48 lbs


  • Dual Functionality: Combines the practicality of a mirror with a secret compartment for secure storage
  • High Quality: Handmade in the USA using poplar and furniture-grade birch plywood, ensuring durability and longevity
  • Enhanced Safety: Features a shatter-resistant coating and a hidden lock for secure storage and quick access to firearms


  • Accessibility: Accessing the compartment requires a magnetic key, which if misplaced, could cause inconvenience

Tactical Walls American Concealment Flag

Tactical Walls American Concealment Flag open guns inside


Discover the Tactical Walls Concealment Flag: an artful blend of patriotism, style, and discreet firearm storage.

Tactical Walls American Concealment Flag side view

Unveiling the Tactical Walls Concealment Flag - an extraordinary marriage of artistry and practicality. More than just an alluring handcrafted American flag, it serves as a concealed storage space for your guns, ammo, and other precious items.

This breathtaking flag is produced from robust hardwood and is available in an array of finishes, from the timeless Old Glory design to a variety of captivating, unique patterns. Its beauty belies a capacious, foam-padded compartment concealed behind it, which can accommodate multiple long guns, handguns, and additional magazines.

The installation process is straightforward with the provided hardware and instructions. Designed to be mounted seamlessly against the wall, it's an optimal choice for space-limited areas.

Tactical Walls American Concealment Flag handgun

Benefits of Tactical Walls American Concealment Flag
It boasts a solid hardwood construction.
The secret compartment is safeguarded by top-quality magnetic locks, ensuring access only to those authorized.
Installation is made simple with the included mounting gear and instructions.
The concealed storage provides a discrete and hidden area to store firearms and other valuables, thereby reducing the chance of theft.
Its flush-to-the-wall design makes it harder for thieves to pry open or detach it from the wall.
It's a perfect solution for those short on space.

With the Tactical Walls Concealment Flag, you can sleep soundly knowing your firearms are concealed in plain view, yet conveniently accessible in emergencies. The covert compartment is secured by high-grade magnetic locks, ensuring access only to authorized persons.

Ideal for gun enthusiasts, collectors, or anyone who simply values the security of their firearms, the Tactical Walls Concealment Flag is the perfect addition to any home. Don't hesitate - purchase yours now and experience the best in concealed firearm storage!

  • Exterior Dimensions 16.5" W x 32 "H x 3" D
  • Interior Dimensions 12.5″ W x 9.5″ H x 1.5″ D
  • Weight 17 lbs


  • Quality: Solid, handcrafted hardwood design
  • Installation: Easy setup with included hardware
  • Security: High-quality magnetic locks for secure access


  • Size: May not fit all types of firearms due to compartment dimensions

Tactical Walls Inserts - Wall Clock

Tactical Walls Inserts Wall Clock halfway open


Blend security with sophistication using the Tactical Walls 1410M Wall Clock - a functional timepiece with a hidden secret for your quick-access valuables


Tactical Walls Inserts Wall Clock open handgun inside

Presenting the Tactical Walls 1410M Wall Clock - a seamless fusion of chic decor and security instrument. This clock not only adds elegance to your wall but also serves as a hidden storage for your handgun within arm's reach. Hassle-free installation is assured with the included hardware.

Reveal the secret 10.00" x 14.00" compartment by merely pressing the "12 o'clock" spot on the clock face. This concealed cavity accommodates a wide variety of items like handguns, ammo, tasers, flashlights, and more.

The base of the 1410M Wall Clock, made from lightweight ABS plastic sourced from the US, is offered in a faux wood grain finish or a sleek black variant. Its light design allows a maximum weight load of 10 pounds. The ABS plastic clock face along with a Velcro loop compartment backing, ensures your items are scratch-free and also allows attaching patches or storage pouches. The clock is powered by a single AA battery, included in the package.

Tactical Walls Inserts Wall-Clock open bags inside

Keep in mind, the Tactical Walls 1410M Wall Clock doesn't feature a lock, so it's essential to check local and state firearm storage laws. Elevate your home's security quotient stylishly with the Tactical Walls 1410M Wall Clock today!

The ABS plastic 1410 Insert with Velcro, measuring 10.00" H x 14.00" W x 3.50" D, comes in black and black faux wood grain variants. There are multiple clock face options, including Arabic, Roman, Tactical Walls Bullet, and United States of Awesome.

The Wall Insert Clock, measuring 22.00" H x 22.00" W x 3.50" D, supports a maximum weight of 10 pounds. The decorative ABS plastic clock body, the canvas print face, and the adhesive-backed Velcro loop inside add to its aesthetic appeal.

  • Exterior Dimensions 22.00" H x 22.00" W x 3.50" D
  • Interior Dimensions
  • Weight 10 lbs


  • Dual-purpose: Stylish clock and hidden storage
  • Choices: Available in different finishes and clock face designs
  • Great Price


  • Weight limit: Supports a maximum weight of 10 pounds only

AMSEC WFS149E5LP Fireproof Wall Safe

AMSEC WFS149E5LP Fireproof Wall Safe


Fireproof security seamlessly blending with your home decor, protecting your valuables without a trace

AMSEC WFS149E5LP Fireproof Wall Safe Open Stocked

Introducing the AMSEC WFS149E5LP - your comprehensive safeguard for invaluable documents and treasures! Cleverly concealed, this fireproof wall safe can easily hide behind artwork or a mirror, providing unbeatable security and serenity. Its one-hour fire rating assures protection from fire, keeping the internal temperature below 350 degrees F.

Beyond fire protection, the safe's ample interior and handy drawer shelf offer substantial storage for your treasures. The combination of two live locking bolts and two deadbolts effectively resists pry attacks, reinforcing the overall security.

A unique feature of the safe is its 1/2" solid steel door, recessed to withstand prying attempts. An external battery compartment guarantees simple battery replacements without fuss.

The installation process of the AMSEC WFS149E5LP is user-friendly with pre-drilled anchor holes and an integrated flange, removing the need for re-plastering. Don't delay securing your valuable possessions with the AMSEC WFS149E5LP.

This fireproof wall safe offers top-grade fire protection as per its UL Listed one-hour fire rating. The safe's design allows easy concealment behind a picture frame or a mirror. The extra deep interior, coupled with a drawer shelf, makes room for all your valuable possessions. The safe's strong security features include two live locking bolts and two deadbolts, and a recessed door made of 1/2" solid steel that resists prying.

AMSEC WFS149E5LP Fireproof Wall Safe Open Empty

Ease of use is a key feature, courtesy of the E5LP Electronic Lock with individual backlit keys and the option to silence the beep in stealth mode. Hassle-free installation is assured with pre-drilled anchor holes and a built-in flange.

The safe's interior features a convenient drawer shelf and adheres to a one-hour fire rating, promising to keep the inside temperature below 350° F. The 1/2" thick door comes with an attractive black granite textured finish. The E5LP Electronic Lock is backed by a 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

The E5LP Digital Lock offers easy operation with backlit keys for each function. The lock comes with a factory reset option for lost combinations and moisture-sealed electronics to prevent failures. The lock provides user feedback through a beep and flash, and also features a 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries.

The safe is designed to "auto-lock" when bolt-work is thrown to ensure it never accidentally remains open. The safe's dimensions are 19.50" H X 14.00" W X 15.38" D (Exterior) and 15.25" H X 9.75" W X 9.88" D (Interior), and it weighs 104 lbs.

  • Exterior Dimensions 19.50" H X 14.00" W X 15.38" D
  • Interior Dimensions 15.25" H X 9.75" W X 9.88" D
  • Weight 104 lbs


  • Concealable: Easily hidden behind picture frames or mirrors
  • Fireproof: Offers 1-hour fire protection, keeping your valuables safe
  • Great Price


  • Heavy: At 104 lbs, the safe might be difficult to handle

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hidden Gun Safes

Hidden gun safes offer a variety of advantages to gun owners. The most common advantage is enhanced security, as these safes can be discreetly installed in walls, floors, or furniture and are difficult to detect without prior knowledge. This allows for quick access to firearms during an emergency situation while keeping them out of reach of curious hands. Additionally, hidden gun safes are typically quite portable and easy to install.

However, there are some drawbacks associated with hidden gun safes. For instance, they do not offer fire protection and are susceptible to theft if discovered. The Gun Clock is an example of a hidden gun safe that is not highly secure, as it is more of a distraction safe with a trick rather than an impenetrable hidden safe itself.

In addition, customer reviews for the single pistol safe mentioned in the source section are encouraging, but lack of fire protection and potential theft remain common drawbacks.

Types of Hidden Gun Safes

A concealed gun safe is a secure storage solution that is designed to be hidden from view, typically disguised as ordinary items or furniture. Various types of concealed gun safes are available, such as wall safes, floor safes, and furniture-style safes. Wall safes are installed into a wall and are designed to be discreetly concealed from view, while floor safes are installed into the floor and provide discreet protection for valuable items. Furniture-style safes, meanwhile, are designed to blend in with the surrounding decor, appearing as a piece of furniture such as a bench seat or shelf.

These hidden gun safes provide an effective way to protect firearms and other valuables, while allowing for quick and easy access in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, the use of concealed gun safes for home defense can help reduce the risk of home invasions and other crimes related to firearms, as they are more difficult for potential intruders to detect.

Wall Safes

Wall safes offer a discreet storage solution for valuable items, such as firearms, and provide easy access in the event of an emergency. They can be installed in a wall and hidden behind a painting or mirror, providing an effective way to secure your possessions. Wall safes come in a variety of forms, including in-wall gun safes, wall-mounted safes, and safes disguised as everyday objects such as mirrors, paintings, or shelves.

Depending on the model, some wall safes can accommodate long guns, while others are designed specifically for handguns. Concealing a wall safe can be achieved by installing it behind a mirror or painting, or by placing it in the back of a storage space, such as a closet, where it is less likely to be detected by unauthorized individuals.

Examples of wall safes include the V-Line Tactical Closet Vault in Wall safe, the Tactical Walls Issue Box Handgun Safe, and the Tactical Walls American Flag Wall Cover.

Floor Safes

Floor safes are secure storage solutions designed to be installed in the floor of a home or business. They provide an extra layer of security for hiding valuables within, as they are difficult to detect and access without the proper knowledge and tools.

A floor safe provides a discreet and secure storage solution for your valuables. It is designed to be concealed beneath a rug or carpet, and is fireproof and waterproof for added protection.

Examples of floor safes include the Hollon B1500 In Floor Safe, which is constructed from solid steel and is equipped with a spring-loaded relocking device and a drill-resistant hard plate, providing superior protection, and the Secure It Under Bed Safe, which is designed to securely store a long gun beneath a bed.

Furniture-Style Safes

A furniture-style safe is a type of concealed gun safe that is designed to hide and blend in with existing furniture, such as a bookcase or end table. Furniture-style safes offer the advantage of blending in with the existing decor of a room, making them less visible to potential intruders. Furthermore, they can be conveniently placed in plain sight, providing easy access in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, they can be utilized to store a variety of valuables, not just firearms. Examples of furniture-style safes include the Peace Keeper Tall Rectangular Working Clock Gun Concealment Safe, gun clocks, biometric gun vaults, Tactical Traps Wall Shelf, and Kennedy End Table.

For optimal security, biometric gun vaults, such as the SV500, should be securely bolted to furniture that cannot be moved, or, for the best results, directly to a wall. If bolting to furniture, a reinforcement plate should be used behind the furniture for added protection.

Tips for Choosing the Best Hidden Gun Safe

Selecting the appropriate size when purchasing a hidden gun safe is essential to ensure that the safe can securely store firearms and fit in the desired location. When selecting a concealed gun safe, it is important to consider features such as RFID locking systems, biometric scanners, and steel construction for optimal security.

RFID locking systems utilize radio-frequency identification technology to provide access to the safe. Ease of access is paramount when selecting a concealed gun safe, as it ensures that you can quickly and securely access your firearms in the event of an emergency.

When selecting a hidden gun safe, cost-effective options may include purchasing a smaller safe, opting for a mechanical lock instead of an electronic one, or choosing a less expensive material such as plastic or composite. Investing in the right hidden gun safe is essential to ensure the safe storage of firearms and valuables.


After considering the advantages and disadvantages of hidden gun safes, the types of hidden safes now available, and tips for choosing the best one for your needs, it is clear that investing in a high-quality hidden gun safe is a wise decision.

In this article, we have identified the top 10 hidden gun safes of 2024, all ranging in size, design, and technology to suit any need. From discreet guns hidden wall safes to secure yet unobtrusive furniture-style safes, there is something for everyone when it comes to protecting your firearms and valuables.

Choosing the right hidden gun safe for your needs will ultimately come down to personal preference, but with careful research and consideration, anyone can find a secure storage solution equipped with modern features to provide adequate security and discreet protection for firearms and other valuable items.

Investing in a high-quality hidden gun safe from this list of top 10 hidden gun safes of 2024 is a surefire way to stay protected and ensure peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Hidden Gun Safe? Learn about the functionality and purpose of hidden gun safes, which provide discreet storage by camouflaging firearms within everyday objects or furniture.

  2. Benefits of Hidden Gun Safes Explore the advantages of owning a hidden gun safe, including enhanced security, quick access during emergencies, and seamless integration into your home decor.

  3. How Do Hidden Gun Safes Work? Uncover the mechanics behind hidden gun safes and their unique features, such as secret compartments and specialized opening mechanisms that only the owner can access.

  4. Are Hidden Gun Safes Secure? Discover the varying levels of security offered by hidden gun safes, with insights into robust construction materials, reliable locking mechanisms, and tips for selecting a reputable brand.

  5. Discoverability of Hidden Gun Safes by Intruders Find out how hidden gun safes are designed to remain inconspicuous and difficult to identify by intruders, ensuring your firearms stay out of sight and secure.

  6. Choosing the Right Hidden Gun Safe Gain valuable advice on selecting the perfect hidden gun safe by considering factors like your firearm collection's size, available space, desired security level, and the appearance and functionality of the disguised object or furniture.

  7. Legality of Hidden Gun Safes Understand the legal implications of owning a hidden gun safe, including the importance of researching and adhering to local laws and regulations concerning firearms storage and concealment.

  8. Beyond Firearms: Other Uses for Hidden Gun Safes Discover the versatility of hidden gun safes, as they can be utilized to securely store valuable items such as jewelry, important documents, cash, or personal belongings.

  9. Installation of Hidden Gun Safes Learn about the installation process for hidden gun safes, including considerations for DIY installation versus professional assistance, ensuring proper mounting and secure placement.

  10. Where to Purchase Hidden Gun Safes Explore various purchasing options for hidden gun safes, including specialized firearm retailers, online stores, and direct manufacturers. Discover how thorough research and customer reviews can help you make an informed purchase decision.

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