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FREE Shipping + Pay Zero Sales Tax | Stealth Safes Memorial Day Sale
FREE Shipping + Pay Zero Sales Tax | Stealth Safes Memorial Day Sale

Small Gun Safes

Welcome to Everlasting Safes, your premier source for security solutions of all shapes and sizes. In our diverse lineup of top-tier security products, one that stands out is our Small Gun Safes. As a bonus, when you choose to secure your firearm with Everlasting Safes, you enjoy free shipping, a price match guarantee, and the advantage of paying no sales tax.

Small Gun Safes For Sale

At Everlasting Safes, we offer an expansive selection of Small Gun Safes for sale, designed to perfectly blend in with your existing decor while providing optimal security for your firearms. These safes offer a compact yet highly secure solution for your firearm storage needs. What's more, our exceptional free shipping, price match guarantee, and no sales tax policies make buying a Small Gun Safe an easy and economical choice.

Types of Small Gun Safes

Small gun safes are a type of safe that is designed to store firearms. They are typically smaller than traditional gun safes, making them ideal for people who have limited space or who want a more portable option. Small gun safes come in a variety of styles and features, so you can find one that meets your specific needs.

Here are some of the most common types of small gun safes:

  • Lockboxes: Lockboxes are the most basic type of small gun safe. They are typically made from metal or plastic and have a simple locking mechanism. Lockboxes are a good option for people who need a secure place to store a single firearm.
  • Biometric safes: Biometric safes use fingerprint recognition technology to unlock the safe. This type of safe is more secure than a lockbox, as it is not possible to open it with a key or combination. Biometric safes are a good option for people who want a secure and convenient way to store their firearms.
  • Combination safes: Combination safes have a keypad that you enter a code to open. This type of safe is less secure than a biometric safe, but it is more convenient. Combination safes are a good option for people who do not want to use a fingerprint scanner.

Why You Need a Small Gun Safe

There are many reasons why you might need a small gun safe. If you own a firearm, it is important to store it in a safe and secure place. This will help to prevent unauthorized access to your firearm, which could lead to theft or misuse. Small gun safes are also a good option for people who have children or other unauthorized users in their home.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a small gun safe:

  • Security: Small gun safes provide a high level of security for your firearms. They are made from strong materials and have secure locking mechanisms.
  • Convenience: Small gun safes are easy to use. They typically have simple locking mechanisms that can be opened quickly and easily.
  • Portability: Small gun safes are portable, making them easy to move from place to place. This is a good option for people who travel frequently or who need to store their firearms in multiple locations.
  • Affordability: Small gun safes are typically more affordable than traditional gun safes. This makes them a good option for people who are on a budget.

How to Choose a Small Gun Safe

When choosing a small gun safe, there are a few factors to consider, such as:

  • Size: The size of the safe should be determined by the number of firearms you will be storing in it.
  • Security: The security of the safe should be based on your needs. If you have children or other unauthorized users in your home, you will need a safe with a high level of security.
  • Features: Some small gun safes come with additional features, such as a fireproof lining or a biometric scanner. These features can add to the cost of the safe, so you will need to decide if they are worth it to you.
  • Price: Small gun safes range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The price of the safe will depend on the size, security, and features.

Frequently Asked Questions on Small Gun Safes

Q: Can a small gun safe securely store my firearm? A: Absolutely! Small Gun Safes are designed to offer robust security in a compact form. They are perfect for securely storing a single firearm or a small collection.

Q: Is it easy to break into a small gun safe? A: No, despite their size, Small Gun Safes are designed to resist break-ins. They often come with advanced locking mechanisms, including key locks, combination locks, or even biometric systems.

Q: Can I transport a small gun safe easily? A: Yes, one of the primary benefits of a Small Gun Safe is its portability. It can be easily transported, making it a perfect choice for those who travel frequently.

Choosing Everlasting Safes for your security needs ensures you're getting high-quality products, unparalleled service, and exceptional value. Our free shipping, price match guarantee, and no sales tax policy make us the perfect choice for your Small Gun Safe needs. For any queries, or help with selecting the perfect safe, feel free to contact us at or call 800-683-6623. Choose Everlasting Safes, and invest in lasting peace of mind.

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