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FREE Shipping + Pay Zero Sales Tax

12 Gun Safes

Introducing the 12 Gun Safe Collection, your one-stop shop for secure and reliable firearm storage. Our collection boasts a wide variety of gun safes, from fireproof and waterproof models to those with biometric or electronic locks. All safes come with free shipping, a price match guarantee, and no sales tax – so you can find the perfect safe for your needs at the best possible price.

  • Stealth EGS14 Essential Gun Safe open and closed view
    Current Price $1,099.99
    Original Price $1,329.99
    Stealth Safes Stealth EGS14 Essential Gun Safe

    Dimensions: Exterior: 55" H x 20" W x 17" D Interior 52" H x 17" W x 11" D Interior Cubic Feet: 5.63 Weight: 210 lbs Gun Capacity: 14 Guns Fire Ra...

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    Current Price $1,099.99
    Original Price $1,329.99
  • mesa 14 gun safe mgl14e 30 minute fire
    Current Price $1,690.00
    Original Price $2,122.54
    Mesa Safe Mesa MGL14E Gun Safe - 30 Minute Fire

    Dimensions: Exterior: 52" H X 20" W X 20" D Interior: 52" H X 18.5" W X 15" D Weight: 329 lbs Gun Capacity: 14 rifles Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

    Current Price $1,690.00
    Original Price $2,122.54
  • Browning BX14 BX Series Gun Safe 1
    from $1,239.00
    Browning Browning BX14 BX Series Gun Safe

    Dimensions: Exterior: 58" H x 22" W x 20" D (Add 2" for handle) Fire Rating: 45 Minutes Weight: 326 lbs Gun Capacity: 14 Long Guns + 3 Handguns

    from $1,239.00

Best 12 Gun Safe

Secure your firearms and valuables with confidence.  Our curated selection of Best 12 Gun Safes offers top-rated options for protecting your prized possessions. Whether you're a seasoned gun owner or just starting your collection, this lineup caters to various needs and preferences. 

Everlasting Safes makes choosing the perfect 12-gun safe easy. Explore our curated selection below and find the safe that delivers the security and peace of mind you deserve.  Don't hesitate to use our filters to narrow down your search by features, size, or price to find your ideal match.

Shop with confidence knowing you're getting a top-rated 12-gun safe from Everlasting Safes!

12 Long Gun Safe

Owning long guns comes with the responsibility of secure storage. Here at Everlasting Safes, we offer a curated selection of 12 Long Gun Safes that provide the ideal balance of functionality and security.

These safes are specifically designed to accommodate your longer firearms, offering ample space and reliable protection. Explore the collection below and discover the perfect Everlasting Safe to keep your prized rifles and shotguns safe and secure.

Mesa MGL14E Gun Safe

Mesa MGL14E Gun Safe - Front view of safe in white background

Stand-out Features

  • All Steel Construction
  • Holds 14 Rifles!
  • 1/2 Hour Fire Rating 30 minute fire rating
  • 12 Gauge Body 
  • Advanced Electronic Lock 
  • Outlet & USB Port Interior outlet

Stealth UL14 RSC Fireproof Gun Safe

Stealth UL14 RSC Fireproof Gun Safe - Side by side image of close and opened safe

Stand-out Features

  • 60 Minute Fire Rating
  • 12 Gauge Steel Door & Body
  • 10 Solid Steel Locking Bolts
  • 4-Way Locking Bolt System
  • 6 Active & 4 Deadbolts on the Hinge Side
  • Electrical Outlet Kit