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Best Car Gun Safes

Protecting firearms is of utmost importance, especially in vehicles. Car gun safes offer the perfect blend of security, convenience, and ease of access so that you can keep your weapons safe and accessible wherever you go.

In this comprehensive guide to car gun safe list, we will cover all the key aspects to consider when using the car gun safe options for keys and choosing the best car gun safe for you. We'll explore features such as biometric access, quick access, ease of installation, and budget models.

Lastly, we'll compare the top car gun safes on the market and highlight their distinguishing features, giving you all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Best car gun safes

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Short Summary

  • When selecting a car gun safe, it is important to consider the purpose, type of locking system, wall thickness, and quality of materials used.

  • This article provides an overview of the best car gun safes for handguns, rifles, traveling, and quick access.

  • The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe and GunVault MV550-19 are the most reliable options available on the market.

What to Look for in a Car Gun Safe

Car gun safes offer an essential level of security and safety for gun owners, providing a secure storage solution for firearms in gun-free zones. When selecting a car gun safe, it is important to consider the purpose of the vehicle gun safe, whether a permanent or a portable gun safe storage option is desired, the type of locking system, the thickness of the walls, and the quality of materials used. Additionally, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires that firearms be securely stored in a hard-sided, locked case when being transported.

    Anyway, let's get into it...

    Best Budget Car Gun Safe

    SnapSafe Polycarb XL Safe

    Snapsafe Polycarb Lockbox Safe


    Perfect and very reasonable price, for those looking for the best car gun safe for traveling.

    Having a car gun safe while traveling is essential for gun owners, as it ensures the security of the firearm and adheres to local laws and regulations.

    Snapsafe LockBox Safe - XL TSA

    Presenting the SnapSafe Polycarb Safe XL, your ultimate answer to secure storage requirements! Crafted from extremely lightweight materials, this lock box offers portability without compromising on safety.

    Built to be robust, durable construction impervious to crushing, and resistant to water, you can have peace of mind knowing your prized possessions are shielded from external threats.

    Whether you find yourself camping, trekking, or simply in need of a reliable storage option at home, the SnapSafe Polycarb Safe XL stands out as the ideal selection.


    • Exterior Dimensions 10" x 7" x 2"
    • Warranty Lifetime
    • Weight 1.6 lbs.


    • Great price
    • Lightweight at 1.6 pounds
    • Lifetime Warranty


    • 1 handgun safe

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    Best Car Gun Safe for Handguns

    Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe

    Best Car Gun Safe for Handguns - Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe


    Perfect for those looking for the best car gun safe that can fit nearly anywhere and has extremely quick access.

    The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe is the best all-around option for a car gun safe.

    Hornady Rapid Vehicle Gun Safe in side door pocket

    When selecting a car gun safe for handguns, it is recommended to select a car gun safe that is designed to meet the user or gun owner's specific firearm security needs.

    The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe is widely considered to be one of the most reliable options on the market today.

    Imagine the peace of mind you'll experience knowing that your firearms are safe and secure in your vehicle, without making any permanent modifications. With the RAPiD® Vehicle Safe, that dream becomes a reality!

    best vehicle gun safe - hornady rapid safe in vehicle

    Here's what makes the RAPiD® Vehicle Safe the perfect choice for you:

    • Fits many 4-inch barrel pistols and 2-inch revolvers: A versatile solution for your firearms.
    • Exceeds safety standards: Rest assured your valuables are protected.
    • Fast and dependable touch-free entry: Gain access to your safe in a flash.
    • Convenient keypad access: A secondary, secure way to access your safe.
    • Heavy-duty, tamper-proof construction: Built to withstand any attempts to break in.
    • Safe and ready: Be prepared and protected at all times.

    • Exterior Dimensions 12" x 6.4" x 2.2"
    • Interior Dimensions 7.5" x 5.6" x 1.7"
    • Capacity Fits many 4-inch barrel pistols and 2-inch revolvers


    • Great Price
    • Quick Access
    • Fits in many locations in your vehicle


    • Only 1 handgun or pistol capacity

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    Best Car Gun Safe for Rifles

    V-Line Tactical Weapons XD Safe

    best car gun safe for rifles - V-Line Tactical Weapons XD Safe


    Perfect for anyone looking to store rifles and other gear in their vehicle.

    The V-Line Tactical XD Safe is perfect for someone with many rifles and still doesn't want to spend too much money on a premium car safe. This safe has is MADE IN USA and is well known as one of the best car gun safes for rifles.

    best car gun safe for rifles - V-Line Tactical

    Securing rifles in a good car gun safe is essential to ensure the safety of the weapon and those around it. When it comes to both car safes and gun safes for rifles, there are a variety of options available for gun owners.

    Presenting the V-Line Tactical Weapons XD Safe - a secure, practical solution for transporting your firearms and gear. It's designed to fit snugly between the wheel wells of most SUVs and pickup trucks, making it the perfect storage option for outdoor adventurers and law enforcement personnel.

    V-Line Tactical Weapons XD Safe

    For additional security, the safe comes with twin quick-release adjustable nylon straps to hold your firearms firmly.

    The foam-padded bottom ensures your gear is shielded from potential damage. Constructed from robust 14ga steel construction, the safe has pre-drilled holes in the base for easy attachment to your vehicle.

    With its stylish tactical flat black finish and ample space for multiple firearms and gear, the V-Line Tactical Weapons XD Safe offers the perfect balance of security and convenience for those who need reliable portable storage.

    • Exterior Dimensions 42.375″x18.5″x8.125″
    • Interior  39.75″x18″x8″
    • Weight 55 lbs.


    • Plenty of room for multiple firearms and gear.
    • Foam-padded bottom
    • Heavy Duty internal lock cover


    • Fits between most wheel wells on SUV's and pickup trucks

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    Best Car Gun Safe for Traveling

    GunVault MV550-19 Micro Gun Vault

    GunVault Micro Handgun Safe


    This is a premium car gun safe that is perfect for those looking for a car handgun safe that has many amazing features at a great price.

    Budget-friendly car gun safes are an essential part of responsible firearm ownership. They allow gun owners to store their firearms safely and securely without breaking the bank. We chose the GunVault MV550 which comes with all the features you need while saving you money.

    GunVault Handgun safe

    Presenting the MicroVault MV550-19 - the ultimate blend of safety, mobility, and ease of use! This safe is engineered to offer paramount protection for your firearms, while maintaining simplicity in transportation and operation.

    Moreover, it's powered by a durable 9-volt battery, ensuring its reliability when it's needed most. Make the switch to the MicroVault MV550-19 today and experience the tranquillity that comes with the assurance of your firearms' security.

    Opt for the MicroVault MV550-19 today and revel in the comfort of knowing your firearms are safeguarded and secure.

    • Reinforced steel lip and full perimeter interior anti-pry tab prevent prying and bounce open attacks for added security.
    • Steel security cable allows for the safe to be secured while on the go.
    • The foam-padded interior accommodates a full-sized handgun and room for an extra magazine.
    • MV550-19 offers superior protection for valuable items both at home and on the go.
    • Illuminated No-Eyes® keypad allows users to open the safe quickly even in the darkest of places.
    • The manual backup key features a dimpled design for enhanced pick resistance.

    • Exterior Dimensions 2.54" H X 11.25" W X 8.88" D
    • Interior Dimensions 2.12" H X 10.92" W X 6.64" D
    • Weight 5.1 lbs.


    • Steel Security Cable
    • Biometric Access
    • Backup Keys + mounting hardware included
    • 5-Year Warranty


    • 1 Handgun capacity 

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    Best Car Gun Safe for Quick Access

    Hornady Rapid Gun Safe 4800KP XL

    Hornady Rapid Gun Safe


    Perfect for those looking for a car gun safe with quick and easy access.

    A quick-access car gun safe is an essential tool for gun owners who want to ensure the security of their firearms. With a quick-access car gun safe, gun owners can access their firearms quickly and securely in their car seats in the event of an emergency.

    Hornady Rapid Gun Safe - best quickaccess car gun safe

    If you're in search of a highly secure safe that can safeguard your precious handguns, the RAPiD® Safe 4800KP is just what you need! This robust safe, constructed with 14-gauge steel, is designed to endure, and can comfortably house two 1911-size pistols.

    Gaining access to your firearms is simpler than ever, courtesy of the built-in RFID technology. The spring-assist lid can be effortlessly opened using a key fob or a sticker, and the safe can be programmed with up to five RFID tags. For heightened security, you can also set a four to six-digit security code or utilize a barrel key.

    Whether you're an avid gun collector or simply require secure storage for your firearms, this safe emerges as the perfect selection. It made our Best Gun Safes of 2024 list!

    Hornady Rapid Gun Safe 4800KP XL

    Hornady Rapid Gun Safe Key Features

    • Exceeds ASTM International safety standards for child and pry resistance, lock strength, drop/pick/saw tests and high-attack resistance.
    • RFID2 activated by key fob or sticker that instantly opens spring-assist lid. Up to five RFID tags can be programmed.
    • User can program four- to six-digit security code for secondary entry method or use barrel key.
    • Exterior housing is made of thick 14 gauge steel with two internal hardened locking lugs.
    • AC and battery power ensures your rifle is protected and ready to go 24/7.
    • RAPiD® Safe includes Wall Power Supply, RFID watchband tag, two RFID decals, RFID key fob, two circular barrel keys, security cabl

    • Exterior Dimensions 2.90" H x 12" W x 10.50" D
    • Interior Dimensions 2.20" H x 11" W x 7.20" D
    • Capacity Two small pistols or 1 large revolver


    • Fast and dependable touch-free entry
    • Convenient Keypad access RFID Tag
    • 14 Gauge Steel


    • Only two pistols or 1 large revolver

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    What Are The Best Car Gun Safes?

    The best car gun safes are:

    1. Hornady Rapid Vehicle Gun Safe
    2. V-Line Tactical Weapons XD Safe
    3. SnapSafe Polycarb XL Safe
    4. GunVault MV550-19 Micro Gun Vault
    5. Hornady Rapid Gun Safe 4800KP XL


    The decision of selecting the right car gun safe can seem overwhelming. With a variety of different models to choose from, it is important to consider the driver's seat, purpose, type of locking system, wall thickness, and quality of materials before making any purchase.

    This article has provided an overview of the different best car gun safes for handguns, rifles, budget purchases, traveling, quick access, and biometric access available on the market in 2024, helping buyers make the best-informed decision.

    Whether the selection is meant for travel, fast access, or personal use, adherence to TSA requirements is essential for maximum security and peace of mind. Check out our best gun safes if you are in search of other types of safes for your firearms. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are pistol safes worth it?

    The answer is a resounding yes. Investing in a quality pistol safe can provide you with increased safety and security of your firearms, along with the peace of mind of knowing they are safely and securely locked away.

    Additionally, having quick access to the firearm can be valuable in an emergency situation. Pistol safes are indeed worth it.

    Can you put a gun safe in your car?

    Yes, you can put a gun safe in your car. Portable gun safes are designed to provide the same security features as home safes in a more accessible format. Depending on your preference, these most car gun safes can be integrated into the interior of your vehicle or be installed on the car window exterior.

    Are gun safes good for guns?

    Gun safes are a great way to secure your firearms and protect them from theft and unauthorized access. Gun safes come in various sizes, shapes, and levels of security, so it's important to consider which features best meet your needs.

    With the right gun safe, you can be confident that your guns will remain safe and protected.

    Are cheap gun safes worth it?

    No, on the whole, cheap gun safes are not worth it. Many of these safes lack the necessary protection they advertise to keep guns secure and in the event of a burglary or fire, can even put many gun owners themselves at risk.

    Ultimately, if you want your weapons to be safe and secure, investing in quality storage space is essential.

    Got questions about our best car gun safe list or think a different one should be on the list? Let us know!

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