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GunBroker: What You Need To Know

Gunbroker - What is it?

What is GunBroker?

GunBroker is the world’s leading online marketplace for firearms, boasting a vast selection of items and emphasizing legal compliance and user security during transactions.

At, you can buy guns, sell them, or just go there to get educated about a gun. Buyers can easily navigate listings, place secure bids, and follow a comprehensive purchasing journey on GunBroker.

What You Need To Know

Listed below are the things you need to know about Gun Broker. Don't worry, we'll explain each in detail. 

  • How to buy a gun on GunBroker
  • How to sell a gun on GunBroker
  • Do you need an FFL: An FFL is a Federal Firearms License.
  • Shipping Restrictions
  • Age restrictions & background checks

From the first click to the final purchase, makes it super easy for firearm owners to trade online. 

1. How To Buy A Gun On GunBroker

To buy a gun on GunBroker, first, you need to be a registered user. Simply register on the website and use the registration code sent to your email to activate your account. 

Then you'll want to simply find what you want to buy! You can browse all their categories but the best way is to simply search if you know what you want already. 

Be sure to check out their special listings on their home page!

How To Buy A Gun On GunBroker

2. How To Sell A Gun On GunBroker

To sell a gun on Gun Broker, you need to list your item and follow their 3 easy steps:

  • Describe your item by filling their easy-to-fill form. Here you'll describe your items and fill out shipping information, prices, quantity, bids, etc. 
  • Upload pictures so buyers can see exactly what you have listed! 
  • Preview your listing before you submit your listing. 

GunBroker has made it easy to sell guns on their platform. There is a reason they are the world's largest online marketplace!

How To Sell A Gun On GunBroker

3. Do You Need An FFL

You need an FFL transfer dealer to be able to transfer a firearm between you and someone else.

You can either have your own or find an FFL in your local area to make arrangements.

Kindly take a moment to examine the FAQ section on the ATF website regarding the transfer of firearm ownership by individuals without a license:

4. Shipping Restrictions

There are some shipping restrictions for shipping firearms. 

  • FFL Requirement: Ship modern firearms only to someone with a Federal Firearms License (FFL).
  • Unlicensed Shippers: Must send firearms to an FFL dealer. The receiver's FFL copy is required before shipping. It must be shipped to the address on the license.
  • Non-FFL Items: Knives, air guns, accessories, and most gun parts don't need an FFL for shipping. Some serial-numbered parts are exceptions and should be treated like a firearm.
  • Shipping AmmunitionAmmunition must be sent separately from firearms, with special labeling.
Shipping restrictions - gun in box

Other General Shipping Rules

  • Notification: Inform the carrier if the package contains a firearm or ammunition.
  • Safety: Firearms must be unloaded during shipping. Ammunition cannot be in the same package as the firearm.

Shipping carriers will defer and it's best to contact the shipping company or use their website for all their rules and guidelines.

5. Age Restrictions & Background Checks

Age restrictions & background checks are important to know when buying and selling on GunBroker. 

To make a purchase, you need to be a legally recognized adult with the capacity to form contracts. Age restrictions apply to specific products, and sellers will require age verification before sale. This is usually done through a driver's license.

  • The minimum age for purchases on this site is 18 years.
  • Pistol ammunition buyers must be at least 21 years old.
  • Rifle ammunition can be purchased by those 18 years and older.

Staying Informed: The Latest News and Updates from GunBroker

In the ever-evolving world of online firearm trading, staying updated with the latest news and changes is vital. GunBroker frequently announces updates that can significantly impact how users interact with their services. The platform also stays updated on legislative changes to ensure their platform remains compliant and communicates these changes to the users to keep them informed.

Are Gun Safes Essential for Responsible Firearm Ownership?

Gun safes are essential for responsible firearm ownership because they offer a secure environment that not only guards against unauthorized access but also contributes to overall safety.

Securing your firearms in gun safes is not just a measure of protection against theft; it's a responsible practice for gun ownership.

Let's explore the advantages of using gun safes and why they are essential for the protection of your firearms:

  • Security: Gun safes provide a high level of security, keeping firearms out of the hands of unauthorized users, including children and burglars.
  • Safety: By restricting access, gun safes reduce the risk of accidental discharge and misuse, ensuring a safer home environment.
  • Protection: Safes protect firearms from fire, water damage, and deterioration, preserving their condition and value.
  • Legal Compliance: Owning a gun safe helps comply with certain state laws and regulations regarding firearm storage, potentially shielding owners from legal repercussions.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your firearms are securely stored gives you peace of mind regarding the safety of your household and the protection of your investment.

At Everlasting Safes, we take pride in offering a wide variety of gun safes on the market from leading brands. Contact us if you are ever in need of a gun safe.


GunBroker, a prominent gun broker platform, stands tall in online firearm trading, hosting an impressive array of products, including but not limited to, collectible firearms, hunting gear, and shooting sports equipment. The platform provides a space for individual buyers and sellers, as well as firearms dealers and enthusiasts, to trade guns. With millions of registered users, GunBroker has firmly cemented its position as a leading platform in the firearms marketplace.

Whether you’re a buyer seeking the perfect firearm or a seller looking to maximize your business potential, GunBroker provides a safe, secure, and comprehensive platform for your needs.

The key lies in understanding the platform’s features, regulations, and updates, and leveraging them to your advantage.

You can protect your guns using a gun safe as well as keep them away from unauthorized use like children. 

Protect What's Yours and Happy Trading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a secure account on Gun Broker?

To create a secure account on GunBroker, provide personal contact information during registration and use the Registration Code sent to your email to activate your account.

What are some strategies for setting competitive bids as a seller on Gun Broker?

To set competitive bids as a seller on GunBroker, research the market value of similar items, assess the condition and rarity of your products, and determine attractive prices based on these factors. This will help you to attract buyers and stay competitive. You can set the price at what you want. 

Does it cost to use Gun Broker?

No, there is no recurring membership fee for sellers on GunBroker. Basic listings are free until the item sells, and a Final Value Fee is assessed once the item is sold.

How do I list items for auction on Gun Broker?

GunBroker provides a user-friendly interface for you to list your items for auction. Simply go to the ‘Sell’ panel to manage your listings effectively, ensuring your live, sold, unsold, and scheduled listings are well organized and presentable to potential buyers.

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