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Best Fireproof Home Safes of 2024

Best Fireproof Home Safes

How well-prepared are you to safeguard your most valuable possessions in the event of a fire? Fires can strike without warning, and investing in a fireproof home safe can provide peace of mind and protection for your important documents and valuables. In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through the essential factors to consider when choosing the best fireproof home safe in 2024, along with our top picks to suit a variety of needs and preferences.

From document storage to gun protection and digital media preservation, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and explore the world of fireproof home safes, ensuring you make the right choice to keep your valuables safe and secure.

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Short Summary

  • Understand key factors such as fire resistance rating, size & weight, lock type & additional features when selecting a fireproof home safe.

  • Evaluate the top 5 safes for 2024 to find one that suits individual needs and preferences.

  • Utilize organizing tools and extra protection measures to ensure optimal performance of your chosen safe.

Top 5 Best Fireproof Home Safes in 2024

Now that you’re familiar with the key factors to consider when choosing a fireproof home safe, let’s explore the top 5 fireproof home safes in 2024. Each of these safes offers a range of features, sizes, and price points to suit various needs and preferences. Ensuring you find the perfect fireproof safe reviews you for your specific requirements.

Best Overall Fireproof Home Safe

AMSEC AM3020E5 Fireproof Safe

AM3020E5 BlackNickel Closed


Secure your valuables effortlessly with the AMSEC AM3020E5 security safe - unbeatable protection and style combined.

Crafted with utmost precision and using only the finest materials, this state-of-the-art safe guarantees unparalleled protection for your valuables.

AM3020E5 BlackNickel Open1

Boasting a solid 12 gauge steel shell, a recessed door measuring 1-1/8" in thickness, and a formidable three-way configuration of 5 active 1-1/4" bolts, the AMSEC AM3020E5 offers an impenetrable fortress-like security.

But this safe is not only about security—it's also a stunning addition to any home. Its captivating deep blue textured finish, complemented by the distinctive raised American Security logo on the door, adds a touch of elegance and style.

Worried about finding the perfect locking option? Rest easy, as the AMSEC AM3020E5 comes equipped with the advanced ESL5 electronic lock featuring an illuminated keypad. And if you prefer a traditional dial combination lock, you can easily upgrade to that option too!

Why wait any longer? Take control of your security and safeguard your valuable assets today by ordering your very own AMSEC AM3020E5!

AM3020E5 Front Open Props

Benefits of the AMSEC Home Safe:

  • The unitized 12 gauge solid steel body ensures unmatched strength and durability.

  • Fire protection up to 1200 degrees F for 45 minutes, keeping the interior temperature below 350 degrees F.

  • The ESL5 electronic lock with an illuminated keypad, protected by a drill-resistant hard plate, offers secure and convenient access.

  • Four pre-cut anchor holes with mounting hardware enable secure installation.

  • Two adjustable shelves provide versatility and organization for your valuables.

  • Backed by a one-year warranty for your peace of mind.

  • Exterior Dimensions 30" H X 20" W X 20" D
  • Interior Dimensions 27" H X 18.25" W X 14.5" D
  • Weight230 lbs


  • Great Price
  • Fire Protection
  • Sturdy Construction
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Heavy Weight : The solid construction of the safe contributes to its durability but also makes it quite heavy. This can pose challenges during installation and may require assistance or professional help.

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Best Budget Fireproof Home Safe

Hollon HS-310E 2 Hour Fireproof Safe

hollon hs 310e 2 hour fireproof home safe


Perfect for anyone looking to protect their valuables and important documents from fire, impact, and theft.

Unbeatable fire and impact resistance, electronic lock, and added security features. Trust your valuables to the ultimate safe.

hollon hs 310e 2 hour fireproof home safe open

When it comes to safeguarding your valuable belongings and important documents from fire and impact, look no further than the Hollon HS-310E Fireproof Home Safe.

Offering 100% more fire protection than the average home safe on the market, this safe guarantees the utmost safety and security. Its reinforced walls and doors are thicker, providing unparalleled defense against fire. Moreover, the grooved door seal ensures protection against water damage from fire hoses or sprinklers.

But this safe isn't just about protection—it also prioritizes convenience. The electronic lock allows easy access with your personal code. With two active rectangle locking bolts, fixed hinge side bolts, and a bottom anchoring hole, the safe provides additional layers of security. Installation is a breeze too, thanks to the included bolting hardware.

hollon 120 minutes fire protection

Why Choose the Hollon Fireproof Home Safe?

  • Superior Fire Protection: The Hollon HS-310E Home Safe offers 100% more fire protection than standard models. With a two-hour fire rating at 1850 degrees, thicker walls, and reinforced doors, it ensures maximum defense against fire damage.

  • Water Protection: The grooved door seal prevents water damage caused by fire hoses or sprinklers, safeguarding the contents of the safe during emergencies.

  • Impact Resistance: Rated to withstand a 30-foot impact, this safe can endure substantial damage from debris falling during fires or natural disasters.

  • High Security: The seamless body and door construction enhance the safe's strength and appearance. Additionally, it features an electronic lock, two active rectangle locking bolts, and fixed hinge side bolts to protect against theft.

  • Compact Design: With compact exterior dimensions of 11 3/4”(H) x 16 1/2”(W) x 14”(D) and interior dimensions of 8” (H) x 12 1/3”(W) x 9 1/4”(D), this safe fits perfectly in most homes, apartments, or offices.

  • Easy Installation: The safe includes one anchoring hole and bolting hardware for concrete installation, ensuring simple and secure setup in your desired location.

  • Exterior Dimensions 11 3/4” H X 16 1/2” W X 14” D
  • Interior Dimensions 8” H X 12 1/3” W X 9 1/4” D
  • Weight 81 lbs


  • Fire and Water Protection
  • Easy Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Limited Capacity

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Best Large Fireproof Home Safe

Gardall 4220 Large 2 Hour Fireproof Safe

Gardall 4820 Large 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Home Safe


Perfect for safeguarding your important documents and valuables, providing the ideal solution for protecting them from both fire and theft.

The Gardall 4820 Large Two-Hour Fire Record Safe with High Security Lock Combo - the ultimate protection for your important documents, combining fireproof security and maximum theft resistance..

Gardall 4820 Large 2 Hour Fire and Burglary Home Safe Open

This safe has undergone rigorous testing and is UL 2-hour fire rated, demonstrating its ability to withstand temperatures of up to 1850°F for a full two hours. The interior temperature never exceeds 350°F, making it an ideal choice for storing delicate items like hard drives and media storage devices.

Crafted with a heavy-duty steel body, the Gardall 4820 is built to resist attacks from burglars, providing enhanced protection for your valuables against theft. Additionally, the removable door adds convenience during installation or repositioning.

The Gardall 4820 boasts a high security lock combo, which is UL-rated for maximum protection against theft. This lock is user-friendly, ensuring easy operation.

With a spacious interior featuring two adjustable shelves, this large fire safe offers ample room to accommodate a variety of items. The plush carpeted interior also safeguards your valuables from scratches and damage.

  • Exterior Dimensions 55 1/2" H x 25 3/4" W x 26 3/4"D
  • Interior Dimensions 48 1/4" H x 20 1/2" W x 19 1/2" D
  • Weight975 lbs


  • Excellent Fire Protection
  • Great Price
  • Removable Door
  • Spacious Interior


  • Weight and Size: The safe weighs 975 lbs and has substantial dimensions, which may make it challenging to move or transport without assistance.

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Best Value Fireproof Home Safe

Hollon HS-610D 2-Hour Fireproof Safe

hollon hs 610d 2 hour fireproof home safe


Perfect for safeguarding your valuable possessions from fire and water damage, providing maximum protection and peace of mind.

Unbeatable protection from fire and water, keeping your valuable possessions secure and giving you peace of mind.

hollon hs 610d 2 hour fireproof home safe open empty

With superior fire protection exceeding that of an average home safe, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your belongings are secure from the devastating effects of fire.

Constructed with reinforced walls and doors, this safe offers an unbeatable defense against fire. Additionally, its grooved door seal ensures protection against water damage caused by fire hoses or sprinklers.

But that's not all - the Hollon 2 Hour Home Safe HS-610D has undergone rigorous testing, enduring external temperatures of 1850°F while maintaining an internal temperature of only 350°F. Furthermore, with an impressive 30-foot impact rating, this safe proves to be exceptionally resilient.

Invest in the Hollon 2 Hour Home Safe HS-610D and experience maximum protection against fire and water, providing you with unrivaled peace of mind. Please remember to allocate an additional 3 inches in depth for the handle.

hollon 120 minutes fire protection

Benefits of the Hollon HS-610d Fireproof Home Safe:

  • Fire Protection: With a 2-hour fireproof rating, your valuables are safeguarded in the event of a fire.

  • Impact Resistance: The safe is designed to withstand a 30-foot fall, ensuring added security for your items.

  • Enhanced Security: The 2-way locking chrome bolt work and door détente device guarantee a securely locked safe.

  • Customization: The interior adjustable shelf and sliding drawer offer versatile options for organizing your items. The recessed curvature provides a nearly airtight construction, preventing smoke and water damage.

  • Reliable Locking Mechanism: The traditional dial lock offers simplicity and reliability.

  • Anchor Bolt: The included anchor bolt facilitates easy and secure installation into concrete, further enhancing stability and theft protection.

  • Exterior Dimensions 21-3/4” H X 19-3/4” W X 18-1/2” D
  • Interior Dimensions 16” H X 14” W X 11-5/8” D
  • Weight 187 lbs


  • Superior Fire Protection
  • Great Price
  • Impact Resistance
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Limited Color Option: The safe is only available in a Gray-White color scheme, which may not suit all aesthetic preferences.

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Best Fireproof & Burglary Home Safe 

Gardall 1812/2 UL Fire & Burglary Safe

Gardall 1812 2 UL 2 hour Fire and Burglary Safe Tan


Protecting your valuables from fire, water, and theft with its durable construction and easy-to-use lock mechanism.

This remarkable safe is not your ordinary security solution—it is meticulously designed to safeguard your valuables even in the most challenging circumstances.

Gardall 1812 2 UL 2 hour Fire and Burglary Safe Gray Open Empty

Constructed to endure fire for up to 2 hours, the Gardall 2-hour fire safe provides you with ample time to rescue your essential documents, jewelry, and cherished possessions. With its robust steel construction and thick walls, you can have complete confidence that your valuables will remain shielded.

Not only is the Gardall 2-hour fire safe fireproof, but it is also waterproof. This means that in the event of an unexpected flood, your valuable items will remain dry and protected. Additionally, the safe is equipped with a reliable and user-friendly lock mechanism, ensuring that only you have access to your valuables.

This versatile safe is suitable for both home and office use, allowing you to store important documents, cash, jewelry, and even electronic devices. Its compact size enables it to fit seamlessly in a closet, under a desk, or in any other limited space without occupying excessive room.

Gardall 1812 2 U L2 hour Fire and Burglary Safe Models

Key Features of the Gardall 2-hour fire and burglary safe:

  • Fire protection for up to 2 hours, certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with thick walls for durability and tamper-resistance.

  • Versatile storage options for documents, cash, jewelry, and electronic devices.

  • Easy installation with pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware included.

  • Burglary rated with a UL Residential Security Container (RSC) rating.

  • Anti-pry design with a 4-1/4" thick door and 2-1/2" thick walls for added security.

  • Exterior Dimensions 25" H x 17 1/4" W x 19 3/4" D
  • Interior Dimensions 18" H x 12" W x 11 3/4" D
  • Weight 313 lbs


  • Great Price
  • Superior Fire and Water Protection
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Impact Resistance


  • Weight and Size: The safe weighs 313 lbs, which can make it challenging to move or reposition, especially if you need to relocate it frequently. Additionally, its dimensions may limit placement options in smaller spaces.

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What Are The Best Fireproof Home Safes?

The best fireproof home safes are:

  1. AMSEC AM3020E5 Fireproof Home Safe
  2. Hollon HS-310E 2 Hour Fireproof Safe
  3. Gardall 4220 Large 2 Hour Fireproof Safe
  4. Hollon HS-610D 2-Hour Fireproof Safe
  5. Gardall 1812/2 UL Fire & Burglary Safe

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Fireproof Home Safe

Before you begin your search for the perfect fireproof safe, it’s crucial to be aware of the key factors to consider. These include:

  • Fire resistance rating

  • Size and weight

  • Lock type

  • Additional features such as water resistance and burglary protection

By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and preferences.

Fire Resistance Rating

When it comes to fire resistance ratings, certifications from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek (ETL) are pivotal. These certifications indicate a safe’s ability to withstand temperatures for a specific duration, such as up to one hour or even two hours for some models. A higher fireproof rating also means better protection for your valuables during a fire.

It’s important to note that not all fireproof safes can withstand the same temperatures and durations. Most home safes can protect contents from temperatures up to 350°F for a minimum of 30 minutes when exposed to flames, but some models offer up to 120 minutes (up to two hours) of fire protection, while others provide protection for up to an hour.

As you evaluate your options, consider the types of items you wish to protect and the potential intensity of a fire in your area, and choose a fire resistant safe with a rating that meets your needs.

Size and Weight

Size and weight play a crucial role in determining the right fireproof safe for your needs. Consider the items you want to protect, such as birth certificates, passports, and jewelry, and choose a safe with adequate storage space for your valuables. Additionally, consider whether you prioritize portability or security. Smaller, lightweight safes can be discreetly placed and easily transported, whereas heavier safes are more difficult for burglars to move quickly.

For those seeking a compact and portable option, a small fireproof document safe may suffice. However, it’s essential to ensure the safe is concealed or secured to minimize the risk of theft. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a more robust and secure solution, opt for a heavier fireproof safe that offers enhanced protection and can be bolted to the floor for added security.

Lock Type

Lock types for fireproof safes vary and can include:

  • Key locks

  • Combination locks

  • Biometric locks

  • Electronic keypad locks

Each lock type offers varying levels of security and convenience, so it’s essential to consider which one best suits your needs. Key locks are commonly used, but may not provide the highest level of protection. A combination lock offers enhanced security, while a biometric lock and electronic keypad locks provide a balance of security and convenience. Additionally, a secondary locking key can be used as an extra layer of protection for any of these lock types.

When evaluating lock types, remember that fireproof safes prioritize fire protection over burglary prevention. While it’s important to choose a locking mechanism that deters theft, fire safety should be the primary concern. Consider your overall security needs and choose a lock type that offers the best combination of security and convenience for your situation.

Additional Features

While fire protection is the primary purpose of a fireproof safe, additional features can enhance the safe’s overall performance. Look for features such as:

  • Water resistance to protect your valuables from potential water damage

  • Impact resistance to withstand falls

  • Burglary protection to deter potential thieves

Moreover, consider safes with interior lighting for better visibility, adjustable shelves for convenient organization, and pry-resistant hinge bars for added security. By evaluating these additional features, you can ensure that your fireproof safe not only protects your valuables from fire, but also offers comprehensive protection against other potential threats.

Best Fireproof Safes for Different Purposes

As we’ve seen, different fireproof safes cater to specific purposes, such as document storage, gun protection, and digital media preservation. Understanding these distinctions is crucial in ensuring the right safe is chosen for each individual’s needs.

By selecting a fireproof safe that aligns with your requirements, you can rest assured that your valuables are protected from potential threats.

Document Storage

When it comes to document storage, fireproof safes prioritize fire resistance and organization features to protect important papers and records. These safes are designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring your essential documents remain intact even in the event of a house fire. In addition to fire protection, document storage safes often include adjustable shelves, compartments, and hooks to keep items easily accessible and secure.

It is crucial to select a safe with the following features:

  • Fire resistance rating that matches the sensitivity of the documents you wish to store

  • Size and weight that accommodate your needs

  • Organizational features to help you keep your documents in order

By choosing a document storage safe that offers the appropriate level of fire protection and organizational features, you’ll be able to safeguard a few documents your most important papers and records from potential damage.

Gun Protection

For gun owners, a fireproof safe designed specifically for gun protection is essential. These gun safes focus on secure storage and easy access, with fire resistance to safeguard firearms and ammunition from potential fire damage. Gun protection safes are built to securely store firearms, ensuring they remain inaccessible to unauthorized users while providing easy access when necessary.

When selecting a gun protection safe, it’s important to consider the safe’s fire resistance rating, as well as its size and weight to accommodate your firearms and ammunition. By choosing a gun protection safe that offers the proper level of security and fire resistance, you’ll be able to keep your firearms safe and easily accessible when needed.

Digital Media Preservation

Digital media preservation safes offer advanced fire protection and additional features to protect sensitive electronic devices and data. These safes are designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring your digital devices, such as laptops, tablets, and external hard drives, remain unharmed in the event of a fire.

In addition to fire protection, digital media preservation safes often include impact resistance and burglary protection, providing comprehensive protection for your electronic devices and data. By selecting a digital media preservation safe with the appropriate fire resistance rating and additional features, you can ensure the safety and longevity of your sensitive electronic devices and valuable data.

Tips for Properly Storing Valuables in a Fireproof Safe

Now that you’ve learned about the various types of fireproof safes and their specific purposes, let’s discuss some tips for properly storing valuables in your chosen fire ratings safe. Here are some recommendations.

  1. Organize the safe’s contents to make it easier to find and access your valuables.

  2. Consider using additional protection measures such as waterproof bags or containers to safeguard your items from water damage.

  3. Regularly maintain the safe by cleaning it and checking for any signs of wear or damage.

  4. Keep a record of the items you have stored in the safe, including photographs and descriptions, for insurance purposes.

By following these tips, you can ensure optimal performance and protection for your valuable possessions.

Organizing Your Safe

One of the most important aspects of properly storing valuables in your fireproof safe is organization. Utilizing adjustable shelves, compartments, and hooks can help keep items easily accessible and secure while maximizing the safe’s storage capacity. Properly organizing your fireproof safe box not only makes it easier to locate and access items when needed, but also ensures that your valuables are securely stored, reducing the risk of damage or loss.

It’s also essential to label your documents and valuables for easy recognition. Consider using waterproof bags to further protect valuables and important papers from potential water damage and airtight containers for delicate items such as jewelry. By organizing your safe effectively, you can ensure that your valuables are protected and easily accessible when needed.

Additional Protection Measures

While fireproof safes offer excellent protection against fire damage, it’s important to consider additional measures to further safeguard your valuables from water damage and humidity. Investing in a waterproof safe, along with waterproof bags and airtight containers, provides extra protection against potential water damage, ensuring your documents and valuables remain intact even if the interior light your safe is exposed to water.

Additionally, it’s essential to regularly maintain your fireproof safe to ensure optimal performance. Periodic inspections for dust and moisture buildup, as well as occasional cleaning, can help maintain the safe’s functionality and protection capabilities. By taking these additional protection measures, you can further ensure the safety of your valuable possessions and important documents within your fireproof safe.


In conclusion, choosing the best fireproof home safe in 2024 involves considering key factors such as fire resistance rating, size and weight, lock type, and additional features. By understanding these factors and evaluating the top 5 fireproof home safes, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and preferences.

Remember, different fireproof safes cater to specific purposes, such as document storage, gun protection, and digital media preservation. By selecting a fireproof safe that aligns with your requirements, you can rest assured that your valuables are protected from potential threats. With the right fireproof safe in place, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your most prized possessions are secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a fireproof safe survive a house fire?

Yes, fireproof safes are designed to protect their contents from fires and other disasters. This has been verified by many customers in Cleveland, Ohio who have had their important documents kept safe from house fires there.

They have reported that their documents were unharmed and that the fireproof safes worked as expected. This is a testament to the quality of these safes and the trust they place in them.

What safe has the highest fire rating?

The SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Steel Home Safe has the highest fire rating, withstanding temperatures up to 1,700°F for an entire day and surviving 15-foot drops.

It is designed to protect important documents, digital media, and other valuables from fire and water damage. It features a programmable digital keypad lock up, two live-locking bolts, and a pry-resistant hinge bar for added security.

The safe also comes with a safe.

Do fireproof safes really work?

Fireproof safes are designed to protect their contents from fire and other disasters, as certified by Underwriters Laboratories. Hence, it can be confidently concluded that fireproof safes do work.

What is the difference between UL and ETL certifications for fire resistance ratings?

UL and ETL certifications are both used to determine a safe’s fire resistance rating, indicating the time it can withstand high temperatures.

UL certifications involve lab testing by an accredited third-party organization, while ETL certification involves testing by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory.

How can I determine the appropriate size and weight for my fireproof safe?

Choose a fireproof safe based on the size and weight of your valuables, as well as whether you need portability or security.

Portability may be important if you need to move the safe around, while security is important if you need to protect your valuables from theft. Consider the size and weight of your valuables when selecting a fireproof product.

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