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Everlasting Safes Reviews

Discover what our customers are saying about Everlasting Safes – the ultimate destination for securing your valuables with unparalleled quality and service. Our reviews reflect the satisfaction of individuals who have found the perfect safe for their needs, ranging from gun collectors to law enforcement officers.

Join the community that values peace of mind. Benefit from our top-tier customer service, unbeatable prices, free shipping, and no sales tax. As a small business deeply passionate about our industry, we've become one of the fastest-growing online businesses, recognized for our commitment to cutting-edge, high-quality products that meet the highest industry standards.

Read our reviews, join our family, and experience security like never before with Everlasting Safes.

Based on 3221 reviews
Quality safe

Very happy with this safe high quality

Hollon HS 750 safe

Very good quality safe and fireproof for up to 2 hours. Very heavy ,which is what I wanted . I am very satisfied with this safe and believe it's a good lifetime investment.

Gardall 1812

Professional company with excellent customer service

Remington gun safe

I am satisfied

Improperly Delivered

Asked for a quote to provide inside delivery into the first floor of my home. Everlasting Safe priced it and said it can be done for X amount however it was left on my front porch after the driver showed up by himself and with just a pallet jack. After 2 weeks this still hasn’t been resolved and the customer service has been horrible with no one answering the phone or emailing back. At the moment the safe continues to sit on my porch and is becoming damaged from the weather. Instead of making it right they want to credit me back and come out and pick up the safe, which makes no sense as it cost more money than to pay the correct company to move it into my home.

Over all I am very happy with my safe

This safe has plenty of room to meet all my needs. The delivery went great. The only thing I suggest would be brighter lightning.

Safe Delivery Not as Advertised

When I ordered my gun safe I was not informed that a metal bracket would be attached to the bottom of the safe to facilitate forklift handling and shipping. Since the safe arrived I used a handcart to move it to the basement. Despite a telephone contact with the retail seller nobody has indicated how I can safely remove this bracket from the 355 pound safe. Since I can not remove the bracket i have been unable to bolt it to the concrete floor and use it as intended. If I had accurate information about this product I would have bought another gun safe with less hassle. Bob Roth Oregon City OR

Hefty safe!

I needed a forklift to get my safe from the delivery truck to our house. I was very happy that the safe was so heavy that anyone wanting to steal it would first need to pry the bolts out of the floor, and then find enough muscle to carry it away. In this case, dead weight is an added safety factor. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the excellent quality of this safe, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to secure valuable items.

Not as great as I thought but better than many.

I had not issues with the company that I purchased our safe from, but the safe I received needs better instructions. I never owned a safe and the part you put you code in is plastic so I was afraid to do anything with it. Once I got it all figured out I realized the piece that holds the weapons where the barrels go did not fit correctly. It theaters up and down, I did jerry rig it so it works but was disappointed in it. Who ever put it in cut something short and went with it. Everything else is great. I must state, if you have ARs with anything on them I would recommend going bigger, I could only fit one AR on each side and luckily I recent downsized so my other two riffles were all that would fit. Just saying, I do not want to remount scopes every time I store my ARs.

AJ's on it!

Although I had some minor damage upon arrival due to Hollon Safe, AJ was on it and got it handled immediately as liason and things were remedied in a more than timely manor.
New part was received withn a few days and all was good.
Hats off to AJ, and Hollon Safe

Just got it and so far it's exactly what I was looking for

Just the right size

The stealth handgun hanger safe was exactly what I was looking for. Big enough for my 3 pistols and magazines. The hangin feature is awesome. It keeps my handgun’s safe and secure without taking up a bunch of room!


A great size safe for my needs. Learning the old fashioned locking mechanism has been fine. I feel more secure that there's no battery needed that could suddenly give out. A great product and friendly staff who helped through the exploring and buying process.

Hollon RG-22 Republic Gun Safe

Winchester Big Daddy and AMSC safe

Awesome company. Fast free shipping. No state tax. Great service.

I Am Verry Happy With My New Winchester Safe, It Looks So Nice And I Know It Will Give Me The Protection I Need Thank`s !!!

Gardall MS129-G 1 Hour Microwave Fire Safe

Nice safe

This is a nice safe and delivered as described, the customer service dept didn’t miss a beat when I called.

Winchester Big Daddy XLT2 90

I bought a Winchester Big Daddy XLT2 90 and an AMSC Safe. Price, service, and delivery are unbeatable. I think it would be hard to find a better deal anywhere else. Their prices are less than local and there is no sales tax were shipping. They are legit. If I need another, I will use them again.

Gardall 2218/2 Dial lock set

The safe arrived in perfect condition . The extra shelf ordered with the safe arrived a few days latter . The safe is exactly what I was looking for . I am very satisfied with my entire experience with Everlasting.

Great safe and great service

Everlasting safes did a fantastic job and came through! They even price matched a competitor! I would highly recommend using them

Not Safe - Safe

Overall the safe is nice however. The key of the safe was ripped out the box when I received it. Actually the box was cut to hide the way someone reached in and ripped out the safe key box in the shipping box. Everlasting safe actually gave me the runaround for over a week and the issue still isn’t resolved. Also I was surprised to find out that Everlasting safe is a certified Remington Safe dealer so the manufacturer won’t warranty the safe. Would I buy a safe from Everlasting safe again? Absolutely not. I have an unsafe- safe because the key has been compromised.

Remington safe

Finally got my safe in place in my house and l love it ! I really like the looks , function and most of all the superior rated fire protection compared to my other safe as well as the great price and free shipping from Everlasting safes !

Very pleased

Wonderful service. Actually worked as planned! Very nice to see a company actually doing a great job these days. Great transaction

Kevin Q