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FREE Shipping | No Sales Tax | Expires 12/14/2023

Everlasting Safes Reviews

Discover what our customers are saying about Everlasting Safes – the ultimate destination for securing your valuables with unparalleled quality and service. Our reviews reflect the satisfaction of individuals who have found the perfect safe for their needs, ranging from gun collectors to law enforcement officers.

Join the community that values peace of mind. Benefit from our top-tier customer service, unbeatable prices, free shipping, and no sales tax. As a small business deeply passionate about our industry, we've become one of the fastest-growing online businesses, recognized for our commitment to cutting-edge, high-quality products that meet the highest industry standards.

Read our reviews, join our family, and experience security like never before with Everlasting Safes.

Based on 3197 reviews
I am the owner

Very Bad experience in my life

Very satisfied customer

Was a super easy process. The staff was proactive and informative. I had a partial refund due and when I referenced it to the staff it was corrected that day and applied back to my card in less than 3 days.
Just can’t say enough about Everlasting Safes.
Thank You

Not Dependable

Programmed finger and thumb 10 times each and safe opens about %50 of the time. Tried to get an RMA for a refund and have been instructed to contact the manufacturer. I don't want to. I want to return this product.

A lot of time investigating

I spent over 6 months researching safes, steel gage, active vs inactive bolts, bolt size, fire rating, whether safes were tested or just based on fireboard rating, mechanical vs electronic locks, Doomsday locks (both electronic and mechanical) as well as bypass keys incase of lock failure. Some manufacturers put a cheap digital lock on imported safes, I also researched prices and shipping totals vs free shipping. I upped my search intensity after liberty (who needs to change their name after giving out a master code to the ATF because they asked)infringed on the people who buy their products. To this end after all my research I ended up with a Winchester XLT2 safe. 72"x49" with 90 minute fire rating, 26cuft interior, weighs close to 1200lbs and has UL ratings and NOT a SG lock which was developed by Liberty as well it came with ekectric dehumidifier and automatic lighting, 18 bolts, a door organizer, 2 plugs and 2 usb portsa Gun. Stixx rifle storage system (which i dont need) and UL ratings. After all was said and done Everlasting Safes was my choice because of no tax and free shipping. The safe arrived in perfect condition and it arrived at the time/date they sent to me in a text as well the price was in line or better than other places AND they had things in stock. I am definitely happy with my choice and i have room for ammo storage on top of my riflesI will definitely use them again.

Ranger 26 2023 Model R5930

Excellent quality and craftsmanship. I love the pocket organizer on the side of the door. The LED lights are great. This is a great value for the money.

Hollon PB20 Pistol Safe
Joseph Clarino
Gun Safe

Good safe for the money and I am well satisfied...

Stealth Electronic Handgun Safe

Overall I'm pleased with safe but it's a little tight with with 5 Handguns

Winchester Big Daddy XLT2 90-Minute Fireproof 70 Gun Safe?

Very pleased.

Stealth B5000 Floor Safe
David Gallagher
Great safe and Company

Everything was on time and in great shape! Thanks


Cheap dogshit

Gardall G700 In-Floor Safe
Abdallah shalabi
Best of the best

Best product you find up there

Great product

heavier than I had expected, but it's good

Great safe, 2nd one I have purchased

I love this safe, I had one in my old house and I liked it so much that I purchased another one for my new house. I really like the manually dial. There is nothing cheep about this safe. Everything is top quality.

Review of the UL23 gu safe

Good stuff - Appears to be well made. Lock works smoothly.

Not so good stuff - the vertical shelf support is too wide and severly limits the number of long guns that can be stored. Should be 2” or 2.5” narrower

Good home safe that can fit your budget

It's no heavy weight safe, but should greatly protect the safe's contents from a building fire and any mediocre brugler.

Winchester Silverado S5940 Fireproof Gun Safe
Sharon Triggs

Solid sale from start to finish .Every aspect handled perfectly could not have been easier or smoother thank you very much.

Excellent Protection

This safe provides excellent protection from both fire and water damage

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

I couldn't be happier with my HS-530WD safe from Hollon

Solid Protection

The Hollon 2 Hour Home Safe is incredibly sturdy and provides great peace of mind

Great Water Protection

The grooved door seal on this safe ensures that the interior remains dry and safe from water damage

Tough and Secure

The thicker walls and doors on this safe provide added security and peace of mind

Peace of Mind

The Hollon HS-1000 is a great investment for anyone looking for a high-quality safe.

Incredible Security

This safe is built like a tank!

Excellent Quality

I recently purchased this safe and couldn't be happier with my decision. The quality and construction are excellent, and it provides peace of mind knowing my valuables are secure.

Gardall B2815 B Rated Money Chest