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The Top 5 Best Under Bed Gun Safes

Best Under Bed Gun Safes

Secure storage of firearms is essential for responsible gun ownership, but traditional gun safes can be bulky and inconvenient. Enter the best under bed gun safe – an innovative solution that combines security, accessibility, and space-saving design. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top under bed gun safes for 2024, discuss essential factors to consider when choosing one, and share tips for maintaining your new investment. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect best under bed gun safe for you!

Short Summary

  • Find the best under bed gun safe for 2024 with advanced locking mechanisms, sturdy construction and ample storage capacity.

  • Consider size & fit, locking mechanisms, construction quality and more when choosing an under bed gun safe.

  • Advantages include space saving & concealment plus quick access in emergencies. Maintain regularly to ensure optimal performance & longevity.

Top 5 Under Bed Gun Safes for 2024

In a market flooded with options, finding the best under bed gun safe for your needs can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve narrowed down the top five under-bed gun safes for 2024, featuring a variety of options with different features, capacities, and price points.

These gun safes offer state-of-the-art locking mechanisms, robust construction quality, and ample storage capacity for your firearms and accessories.

Anyways, let's get into it...

Best Overall Under Bed Gun Safe

Mesa MUBG652E Under Bed Safe

mesa mubg652e underbed gun safe open full


Perfect for safely storing and securing your firearms, protecting them from unauthorized access while providing peace of mind.

A secure solution that combines the robust security features of a steel security safe with the hidden convenience of a locker.

mesa mubg652e underbed gun safe closed

Crafted with heavy-duty, all-steel construction, this safe upholds the same high standards as our comprehensive line of steel safes. It is specifically designed for avid hunters, firearm collectors, and anyone seeking to securely store and protect their firearms.

Store your rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives, ammunition, and other weaponry in this durable and fortified safe. Prevent accidents caused by unauthorized users, such as children or individuals unfamiliar with firearms. Above all, deter theft and burglary attempts, ensuring your firearms remain safe and your loved ones protected.

For enhanced security, this safe includes six anchor holes, allowing you to permanently secure it to the floor, wall, or even your bed. It features a heavy-duty interior pull-out drawer for easy access. Moreover, the safe offers versatile storage capabilities, accommodating various types of guns and facilitating organized arrangements.

mesa mubg652e underbed gun safe open empty

Whether you have larger firearms like rifles and shotguns or smaller weapons such as knives and handguns, our safe provides a well-organized storage system that can accommodate all types of weaponry.

The interior of the safe is lined with fire-resistant material, offering additional protection in case of a fire emergency. Besides serving as a gun safe, it can also be utilized as a conventional fire and burglary safe, providing secure storage for other valuable items like jewelry, classified records, money, collectibles, photos, and more.

Our MESA Under-Bed Gun Safe caters to both residential and commercial needs, offering ample storage space and comprehensive protection. Experience the benefits of a single safe that fulfills all your storage and security requirements.

    • Exterior Dimensions 6" H X 52" W X 14.63" D
    • Interior Dimensions 3.13" H X 43.25" W X 13" D
    • Weight 65 lbs


    • Great Price
    • High Security
    • Fire Resistant Lining
    • LED Light


    • Limited Capacity

    Best Budget Under Bed Gun Safe

    SecureIt Tactical FB-47-01 Fast Box

    SecureIt Tactical FB-47 01 Fast-Box Hidden Gun Safe


    Perfect for law enforcement, military, and personal use, ensuring secure storage and quick retrieval of firearms.

    The SecureIt FB-47-01 Tactical Fast Box 47: Lightning-fast access, secure firearm storage under your bed or in a closet.

    SecureIt Tactical FB 47 01 Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe Open Stocked

    Introducing the SecureIt FB-47-01 Tactical Fast Box 47, the ultimate solution for secure firearm storage with rapid accessibility.

    This exceptional product is meticulously designed to be conveniently mounted under your bed or in a closet, ensuring swift retrieval of your firearms whenever the need arises.

    Safety is our top priority, which is why this concealed gun safe comes equipped with pre-drilled holes for secure bolting to a solid surface. Rest assured that your firearms are securely locked away, providing an additional layer of protection. This feature also makes the Fast Box 47 an ideal choice for police departments, law enforcement agencies, and military applications where security is of utmost importance.

    Say goodbye to the hassle of readjusting your firearm's optic every time you retrieve it. The Fast Box 47's depth is thoughtfully engineered to accommodate any firearm with an attached optic, eliminating the need for re-zeroing. You can trust that your firearm will be ready to perform at its best in a moment's notice.

    SecureIt Tactical FB 47 01 Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe Vertical Open Empty

    Features of the SecureIt Tactical Fast Box Hidden Gun Safe:

    • Provides rapid access while ensuring secure storage
    • Designed for easy concealment
    • Bolt-together design allows for stacked or locker-style storage
    • Efficient design provides ample space for additional handgun and ammunition storage
    • 13" depth allows storage with scope and magazine attached to the rifle
    • Neoprene pad cushions the weapon
    • Key override feature
    • Vertical Kit (sold separately) offers vertical storage for 2 rifles

    • Exterior Dimensions 6.50" H X 47.00" W X 13.00" D
    • Interior Dimensions 6.25" H x 46.75" W x 11.75" D
    • Weight 47 lbs


    • Great Price
    • Neoprene Pad Protection
    • Compatibility with Optics
    • Secure Firearm Storage


    • Limited Fire Protection

    Best Amsec Under Bed Gun Safe

    Amsec DV652 Defense Vault

    amsec 652 underbed safe


    Perfect for securely storing your home-defense weapon, providing quick and easy access while ensuring it remains hidden and protected from unauthorized access.

    Securely store your home-defense weapon within arm's reach with the AMSEC Defense Vault under-bed safe—a hidden, heavy-duty steel safe designed for quick access and peace of mind.

    amsec 652 underbed safe open

    Introducing the AMSEC DV652 Defense Vault, a secure and easily accessible under-bed safe designed specifically for storing your home-defense weapon. With its cutting-edge High-Security ESL5 electronic lock, this safe ensures that your weapon is within reach in a matter of seconds. The AMSEC DV652 is the ultimate storage solution, effectively utilizing otherwise wasted space, making it ideal for those with limited room availability. Unlike traditional safes placed in larger rooms, this under-bed gun safe offers instant protection, providing you with peace of mind during home intrusions.

    Whether you already own a safe or not, the AMSEC DV652 Defense Vault is an essential addition for any gun owner. It boasts a range of impressive features, including the advanced AMSEC ESL5 electronic lock with an illuminated keypad, durable 14-gauge steel construction, a unique 5-point slide locking bar, a foam-padded slide-out gun tray, and four pre-cut anchor holes with mounting hardware. Safeguard yourself and your loved ones today by investing in the AMSEC DV652 Defense Vault under-bed gun safe!

      • Exterior Dimensions 3.38" H X 43.25" W X 13.00" D
      • Interior Dimensions 6.00" H X 52.00" W X 14.00" D
      • Weight 90 lbs


      • Great Price
      • Enhanced Security
      • Floor Anchoring Capability
      • Ample Storage Space


      • Weight and Installation: The safe weighs 90 pounds, which may pose challenges during installation and moving if necessary.

      Best SnapSafe Under-bed Gun Safe

      SnapSafe 75400 Under Bed XXL Safe

      snapsafe 75400 under bed xxl gun safe


      Perfect for securely storing firearms and other valuables under your bed, ensuring easy access while keeping them hidden and protected.

      The Snapsafe 75400 Under Bed XXL Gun Safe is a reliable and discreet storage solution designed to safeguard your firearms and valuable possessions.

      snapsafe 75400 under bed xxl gun safe under bed open

      Equipped with a convenient slide-out drawer, the SnapSafe 75400 Under Bed XXL Gun Safe offers ample space to accommodate firearms, jewelry, important documents, and more. Its digital lock, supplemented by a key backup, allows you to program a personalized 3 to 8 digit access code, maximizing the security of your belongings. Rest easy knowing that the pry-resistant door acts as a barrier, preventing unauthorized access and keeping children safe.

      Crafted from sturdy 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, this safe is built to withstand attempts at forced entry, ensuring the highest level of protection. With pre-drilled holes, permanent installation is a breeze, providing additional security when the safe is anchored to a fixed object. For enhanced peace of mind, a robust 5-foot cable is included, allowing you to securely fasten the safe to a stationary item.

      snapsafe 75400 under bed xxl gun safe car trunk

      SnapSafe Under Bed Gun Safe Features:

      • Slide-out drawer accommodates firearms, jewelry, documents, and more.
      • Digital lock with key backup can be programmed with a 3 to 8 digit access code.
      • Pry-resistant door prevents unauthorized access, ensuring safety for children.
      • Constructed of durable 14-gauge heavy-duty steel with pre-drilled holes for easy installation.
      • Robust 5-foot cable provides added security when securing the safe to a fixed object.

      • Exterior Dimensions 48" W x 7” H x 24” D
      • Weight s 150 lbs


      • Great Price
      • Digital Lock with Key Backup
      • Cable for Anchoring
      • Pry-Resistant Door


      • Weight: Weighing 150 lbs, the safe may be heavy and challenging to move or reposition once installed under the bed
      • Limited Fire Protection

      Best V-Line Under Bed Safe

      V-Line 42" Under Bed Rifle Safe

      V Line Rifle Safe 42


      Perfect for securely storing and protecting your AR-15 rifle and accessories.

      The V-Line 42" Rifle Safe: Ultimate protection for your AR-15, with versatile mounting options, a reliable mechanical lock, and added security features.

      V Line Rifle Safe 42 open rifle inside

      Introducing the V-Line 42" Rifle Safe, an essential item for firearm enthusiasts and professionals. Crafted with robust 16-gauge steel construction, this safe offers secure storage for your AR-15 rifle and its accessories. Its discreet design allows for easy concealment in a closet or behind a door, and the flexible mounting options, whether horizontal or vertical, make it adaptable to any requirement.

      With the SIMPLEX five-push-button mechanical lock, accessing your rifle is effortless, eliminating the need for batteries or keys. With a staggering 1081 possible codes, you have complete control over your security. The low-gloss black finish exudes sleekness while being highly durable. Inside, the foam lining and Velcro strap keep your rifle snug and safeguarded.

      For added peace of mind, the case includes two tubular locks with keys in each corner. Don't miss out on the ultimate protection for your AR-15!

        • Exterior Dimensions 42” x 12” x 3½”
        • Interior Dimensions 40½” x 11” x 3”
        • Weight 38 lbs


        • Made in the USA
        • Additional Keyed Locks
        • Great Price
        • Versatile Mounting Options


        • Limited Color Options

        Factors to Consider When Choosing an Under Bed Gun Safe

        When selecting the perfect under bed gun safe, it’s crucial to consider factors such as size and fit, locking mechanisms, construction quality, installation, and storage capacity. These factors will ensure that your chosen gun safe meets your specific requirements and provides the ideal balance between security and convenience.

        Let’s delve deeper into these factors to help you make an informed decision.

        Size and Fit

        Before purchasing an under bed gun safe, it’s essential to measure the space under your bed and compare it to the dimensions of the gun safe you’re considering. This ensures that the safe will fit comfortably under your bed and accommodate your firearms and accessories without any issues. Don’t forget to factor in any additional features, such as a slide-out tray, when determining the safe’s dimensions.

        In addition to measuring the space under your bed, also consider the height, depth, and weight of the safe. Make sure it’s compatible with your bed or furniture and that it can be installed securely. Taking the time to measure and evaluate the size and fit of the gun safe will save you from potential frustration and the hassle of having to return a heavy safe that doesn’t fit properly.

        Locking Mechanisms

        Various locking mechanisms are available for under bed gun safes, ranging from traditional key locks to biometric and RFID systems. When selecting a lock for your gun safe, consider your own preferences and the level of risk you’re comfortable with. Some gun owners may prefer the simplicity of a mechanical lock, while others may opt for the convenience and quick access offered by electronic locks.

        It’s essential to choose a locking mechanism that provides reliable security while still allowing easy access to your firearms in an emergency. Biometric locks, for example, offer rapid access but may not always read fingerprints accurately. Digital keypads and RFID systems provide a balance between security and accessibility, making them popular choices for under bed gun safes.

        Construction Quality

        The construction quality of your under bed gun safe is crucial in ensuring the security of your firearms. A well-constructed gun safe should be made from heavy metals, such as 14-gauge steel, and feature strong joints, hinges, and a pry-resistant door. Evaluating the construction quality of a gun safe will help you determine its overall durability and resistance to potential break-ins.

        In addition to the materials used, also consider the safe’s fire rating and any additional security features, such as anchor holes for securing the safe to a solid surface. A high-quality gun safe should provide a balance between robust construction and advanced security features, ensuring that your firearms remain protected from theft and unauthorized access.

        Installation and Security

        Proper installation and security measures are essential to prevent potential theft and unauthorized access to your under bed gun safe. Most gun safes come with pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware, allowing for straightforward installation under your bed or another solid surface. Ensuring that your gun safe is securely fastened will deter would-be thieves from attempting to remove the safe itself.

        In addition to securing your gun safe to a solid surface, also consider other security measures, such as alarms or video surveillance systems, to provide additional layers of protection. By taking the necessary steps to install and secure your under bed gun safe, you can have peace of mind knowing that your firearms and valuables are well protected.

        Storage Capacity

        When choosing an under bed gun safe, it’s essential to consider the storage capacity and ensure that it can accommodate your desired number of firearms and accessories. Evaluate the interior space and layout of the gun safe, taking into account the types and sizes of firearms you plan to store.

        In addition to accommodating your firearms, consider the storage of other accessories, such as ammunition, optics, and cleaning equipment. A well-designed gun safe should provide ample storage space and organization options to keep your firearms and accessories secure and easily accessible. By assessing the storage capacity of a gun safe, you can ensure that it meets your specific needs and requirements.

        Advantages of Under Bed Gun Safes

        Under bed gun safes provide several benefits, including space saving and concealment, quick access in emergencies, and versatility and portability. These advantages make under bed gun safes an attractive option for many gun owners, especially those living in small spaces or who need to store firearms discreetly.

        Let’s explore these advantages in more detail.

        Space-saving and Concealment

        One of the primary benefits of under bed gun safes is their space-saving and concealment capabilities. By storing your firearms under your bed, you can make efficient use of limited living space while keeping your firearms hidden from view. This not only helps to reduce clutter, but also provides a discreet storage solution that doesn’t draw attention to the presence of firearms in your home.

        In addition to saving space, under bed gun safes also offer an added layer of security by concealing your firearms from potential thieves or unauthorized individuals. By keeping your firearms hidden and secure in under bed safes, you can help prevent theft and ensure that your firearms are accessible only to authorized users.

        Quick Access in Emergencies

        In the event of an emergency, having quick access to your firearms can be crucial. Under bed gun safes provide rapid access to your firearms when you need them most, ensuring that you can respond effectively in a crisis. Many under bed gun safes feature advanced locking mechanisms, such as biometric or RFID systems, which allow for swift access to your firearms without the need for keys or combinations.

        In addition to providing quick access in emergencies, under bed gun safes also help to prevent unauthorized access to your firearms, making your bed safe for everyone. By keeping your firearms securely locked away but easily accessible, you can ensure that only authorized users can access your firearms when needed.

        Versatility and Portability

        Under bed gun safes offer versatility and portability, making them suitable for various living situations and travel needs. Their compact design allows them to be easily transported and installed in different locations, providing a secure storage solution for your firearms wherever you go. This makes under bed gun safes an excellent choice for individuals who move frequently or require a portable gun storage solution.

        Additionally, under bed gun safes can be used to store a range of firearms and accessories, making them a versatile option for gun owners with diverse collections. Whether you need to store a single handgun or an assortment of long guns, an under bed gun safe can provide a secure and adaptable storage solution that meets your specific needs.

        Tips for Maintaining Your Under Bed Gun Safe

        To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your under bed gun safe, it’s crucial to follow a few maintenance tips. By regularly checking the lock functionality, preventing moisture and rust, and keeping the safe clean and organized, you can ensure that your gun safe remains in peak condition for years to come.

        Let’s explore these maintenance tips in more detail.

        Regularly Check Lock Functionality

        One of the most critical aspects of maintaining your under bed gun safe is regularly inspecting and testing the lock functionality. This helps to ensure that your safe remains secure and accessible when needed. It’s recommended to have a locksmith or safe technician service the lock every 2-3 years with heavy use or as needed to maintain its proper functioning.

        In addition to professional servicing, it’s essential to keep the lock clean and lubricated to ensure smooth operation. Regular cleaning and lubrication every 3-6 months can help prevent lock malfunctions and extend the life of your gun safe’s locking mechanism.

        Prevent Moisture and Rust

        Moisture and rust can cause significant damage to both your gun safe and the firearms stored within. To prevent moisture and rust buildup, it’s crucial to take measures to maintain optimal moisture levels within the safe. One effective method is using a safe dehumidifier or a desiccant moisture absorber to absorb any excess moisture and protect your firearms from rust and corrosion.

        Another proactive measure to prevent moisture and rust is to keep your gun safe away from sources of humidity, such as bathrooms or basements. Regularly cleaning and lubricating your firearms can also help prevent rust formation and ensure that your firearms remain in optimal condition.

        Keep the Safe Clean and Organized

        Maintaining a clean and organized gun safe is essential for ensuring easy access to your firearms and optimizing storage capacity. Regularly clean the interior and exterior of your gun safe to prevent dust and dirt buildup, which can affect the safe’s functionality and appearance. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning materials and methods to avoid damaging your safe.

        In addition to cleaning, keep the interior of your gun safe organized to ensure that your firearms and accessories are easily accessible and well protected. Utilize storage solutions designed for gun safes, such as shelves or drawers, to keep your firearms and accessories organized and secure. By maintaining a clean and organized gun safe, you can enhance its overall performance and longevity.


        In conclusion, under bed gun safes offer a practical and secure solution for firearm storage, providing space-saving design, quick access in emergencies, and versatility for various living situations. By considering factors such as size and fit, locking mechanisms, construction quality, installation, and storage capacity, you can confidently select the perfect under-bed gun safe for your needs.

        Armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision when choosing the best under-bed gun safe for 2024. By investing in a high-quality gun safe and following the maintenance tips outlined in this guide, you can ensure the security and longevity of your firearms while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with responsible gun ownership.

        If you are looking for the best bedside gun safe instead, you might consider the Hornady Night Guard safe. 

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Where do you mount a gun safe in a bedroom?

        For optimal quick access, it is recommended to mount a gun safe under the nightstand drawer or on the wall of your bedroom. You may also consider bolting a floor safe to the floor beneath your bed for added security.

        What is the hardest gun safe to break into?

        Fort Knox Legend 7261 is the hardest gun safe to break into, made of 10-gauge Stainless Steel and 1/4” Thick Steel Uni-Body Construction, with 3/8” Steel Plate, 28 All-Active 1.5” Solid Steel Locking Bolts, Drill Stop Hard Plate, Quadrafold Door Frame and Recessed Door.

        This gun safe is designed to be impenetrable, with its heavy-duty construction and multiple layers of security. It features 10-gauge stainless steel and 1/4” thick steel uni-body construction, 3/8” steel plate, 28 all-active 1.5” solid steel locking bolts, drill stop hard plate, quadrafold door frame and recessed door. All of these features combine to make Fort Knox great.

        Can you lay down a gun safe?

        It is generally not recommended to lay down a gun safe during a move due to the risks and potential damages it can pose.

        Moving a gun safe can be a difficult task, and it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure that it is done safely and securely. Taking the time to properly secure the gun safe before moving it.

        Where is the safest place to keep a gun in home?

        For the safest storage of a gun in the home, it is recommended to keep it in a closet near the front door as it is less likely to be discovered and provides quick access in case of an emergency. This location is ideal as it is out of sight and reach of children, yet still easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

        Are under bed gun safes as secure as traditional gun safes?

        Under bed gun safes are just as secure as traditional gun safes, offering reliable protection for firearms combined with easy access in emergencies. Advanced locking mechanisms and robust construction make them a great choice for gun owners.

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