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FREE Shipping | No Sales Tax | Expires 12/14/2023
FREE Shipping | No Sales Tax | Expires 12/14/2023

Stealth Safes


Customers must purchase between November 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023, register their warranty, and send the rebate form with proof of purchase postmarked no later than January 24, 2024.

Email us at for the program form.

Eligible safes for Rebate:

EGS14: $75 Back, EGS23: $100 Back, EGS28: $125 Back

UL14: $100 Back, UL23: $125 Back, UL28: $150 Back, UL50: $200 Back

Top Vault TV1, ShadowVault SV1, Biometric HHS, Electronic HHS: $20 Back

  • Stealth PR23 Fireproof Gun Safe side by side view
    Current Price $1,899.99
    Original Price $2,329.99
    Stealth Safes Stealth PR23 Fireproof Gun Safe

    Dimensions: Exterior: 59.00" H x 24.00" W x 18.00" D (Add 3" to depth for handle) Weight: 466 Burglar Rating: CDOJ Fire Rating: 90 Minutes Gun Cap...

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    Current Price $1,899.99
    Original Price $2,329.99
  • Stealth UL28 Fireproof Gun Safe
    Current Price $1,799.99
    Original Price $1,989.99
    Stealth Safes Stealth UL28 Fireproof Gun Safe

    Dimensions: Outside: 59.00" H x 28.00" W x 20.00" D Inside: 56.50" H x 25.50" W x 16.50" D Interior Cubic Feet: 13.76 Weight: 529.00 Burglar Ratin...

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    Current Price $1,799.99
    Original Price $1,989.99
  • Stealth UL23 Fireproof Gun Safe
    Current Price $1,599.99
    Original Price $1,739.99
    Stealth Safes Stealth UL23 Fireproof Gun Safe

    Dimensions: Outside: 59.00" H x 24.00" W x 18.00" D Inside: 56.00" H x 21.00" W x 12.00" D Interior Cubic Feet: 8.17 Weight: 450 lbs Burglar Ratin...

    View full details
    Current Price $1,599.99
    Original Price $1,739.99

Stealth Gun Safes

Have you ever worried about the security of your precious belongings at home or your office? Securely protecting your valuables is of utmost importance, and finding the right stealth safe can make all the difference. Enter Stealth Safes: the ultimate solution for safeguarding your possessions with advanced security features, customizable options, and an array of models to suit your specific needs. Get ready to explore the world of Stealth Safes and discover how they can provide the protection and peace of mind you deserve.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover advanced security features and customizable options with Stealth Safes to protect your valuables.

  • Enjoy superior protection for firearms and other items with solid steel plate doors, high-security electronic locks, foam padding, fire resistance technology & bolt down capabilities.

  • Enhance your safe By investing in accessories such as door panel organizers or depository safes for maximum convenience & security.

    Stealth Safes

      Here at Everlasting Safes, we're proud to offer Stealth Safes, a leading brand that's known for producing high-quality, reliable, and durable safes that are designed to protect your valuables, firearms, and important documents.

      One of the reasons why our customers love Stealth Safes is their superior level of security. With a wide range of safes to choose from, Stealth Safes offers products that are built with the latest technology to ensure the highest level of protection for your valuables.

      Discovering Stealth Safes: Advanced Security for Your Valuables

      Stealth Safes are engineered to provide exceptional protection for your possessions, boasting advanced security features such as high-security electronic locks, solid steel plate doors, and fire protection. With a 60-minute fire rating, you can rest assured that your valuables, including up to 50 firearms, will be protected even in case of a house fire. One of the key models, the Stealth B3500 Floor Safe, is equipped with a UL Rated Lock and is fire and water-resistant, providing B-rate burglar safety and stealth protection for better concealment.

      Regarding the security of your valuables with Stealth Safes, you’ll find a wide range of features and accessories to enhance the security of your safe. Subsequently, we will examine:

      • The advanced security features of Stealth Safes

      • Different models of Stealth Safes

      • How to customize your safe with gun safe accessories to suit your needs

      High Security Electronic Locks

      High-security electronic lock systems, such as the high security electronic lock, represent the pinnacle of superior protection against unauthorized access, meeting or exceeding DOJ gun safe requirements. These advanced locks come with a range of features, including:

      • Encryption

      • Tamper detection

      • Multiple access methods

      • Audit trail

      • Remote access and control

      • Battery backup

      • Anti-drill protection

      • Programmable features

      Such features not only strengthen the security of your secure safe, like the Stealth Safe, but also ensure dependable access to your possessions.

      Stealth Safes incorporate the NL UR-2020 universal lock and the NL lock, which are both UL approved as Type 1 High Security Electronic Locks and widely recognized as the most reliable locks in the industry. These locks are designed to be resilient to hacking attempts and unauthorized access, making it difficult for intruders to break into the safe. Furthermore, these locks often feature built-in alarms and notifications which can alert the owner of any tampering or suspicious activity.

      Solid Steel Plate Doors and Gauge Steel Body

      Stealth Safes are built with premium steel, offering enhanced strength and durability. The solid steel plate door and gauge steel body provide a strong and sturdy barrier against physical attacks, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the safe. Gauge steel refers to the thickness of the steel sheet employed in construction and contributes to the safe’s resistance to break-ins and tampering.

      The manufacturing of Stealth Safes significantly contributes to their durability and durability. Some key features include:

      • Advanced welding techniques

      • Reinforced locking mechanisms

      • High-security electronic locks

      • Solid steel construction

      These features, including thick locking bolts, ensure top-notch protection for your valuable possessions.

      Fire Protection with Intumescent Door Seal

      Intumescent door seals are an essential feature of Stealth Safes, designed to provide fire protection by expanding when exposed to heat. These seals form a barrier that restricts smoke and flames from entering the safe, assisting in safeguarding the contents of the safe from fire damage. Composed of fire-resistant materials, intumescent door seals are capable of withstanding high temperatures, protecting your valuables during a fire.

      Through the inclusion of intumescent door seals, Stealth Safes provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that your valuable possessions remain secure in the event of a fire. This fire protection feature, combined with the advanced security features and solid steel construction, make Stealth Safes an exceptional choice for securing your valuables and providing peace of mind.

      Choosing the Right Stealth Safe for Your Needs

      Choosing the ideal Stealth Safe for your needs entails considering various factors, such as:

      • Local crime activity

      • The items you wish to protect

      • Ease of access

      • Available space

      • Budget

      With a diverse range of options, including Stealth Premier Gun Safes, Floor and Wall Safes, and Handgun Safes with biometric options, you’re sure to find the ideal safe to secure your valuables. Subsequently, we will review the different types of Stealth Safes and their unique features to help you make an informed decision.

      Whether your aim is to store firearms, documents, or other valuables, Stealth Safes offer advanced security features and customizable options that cater to your specific needs. Investing in a Stealth Safe assures you that that your possessions are well-protected and secure.

      Stealth Premier Gun Safes

      Stealth Premier Gun Safes are engineered to provide unparalleled security for firearms and other valuables, boasting features such as solid steel plate doors, 10-gauge steel bodies, and high-security electronic locks. Models like the Stealth PR32 and PR23 stealth gun safes are constructed with 1/4” solid steel plate doors and a 10-gauge steel body, providing top-of-the-line security.

      These safes also come equipped with interior foam padding to protect firearms from scratches and damage, as well as bolt-down capabilities to prevent unauthorized removal. With their advanced security features and customizable options, Stealth Premier Gun Safes ensure that your firearms and valuables are well-protected and secure.

      Floor Safes and Wall Safes

      Floor and Wall Safes offer inconspicuous and secure storage solutions for your home or office, offering advanced security features such as UL-approved electronic locks and biometric options. Stealth floor safes, for instance, are fully encased in concrete on five out of six sides, providing maximum protection. While no safe is completely impenetrable, Stealth Safes are designed to withstand attacks and offer a high level of security for your possessions.

      Installing a Stealth Wall Safe is a straightforward process, involving locating the appropriate spot on the wall, identifying the studs, drilling holes, and securely attaching the safe to the wall. With a range of sizes and models available, Stealth Floor and Wall Safes can offer the perfect secure storage solution for your needs.

      Handgun Safes and Biometric Options

      Handgun Safes with biometric features provide quick access and added security for your handguns and other small valuables. Biometric safes limit access to authorized individuals, guaranteeing that your firearms are kept secure while also providing rapid access in the event of an intrusion. Biometric security safes also offer enhanced security compared to other lock types, as they are difficult to break.

      Highly rated biometric handgun safes on the market include:

      • Vaultek DS2i Smart Station

      • SentrySafe QAP1BE

      • Awesafe Gun Safe

      • BARSKA Biometric Safe

      • Viking Security Safe

      By selecting a Handgun Safe with biometric features, you can ensure that your handguns remain secure and accessible only to authorized users.

      Enhancing Your Stealth Safe with Accessories

      Tailoring your Stealth Safe with gun safe accessories can enhance its security and functionality, ensuring optimal protection for your valuables. Subsequently, we will examine various accessories at your disposal for Stealth Safes, such as door panel organizers, depository safes, and cash lockers, as well as labor and fire warranties for added peace of mind.

      Investing in these accessories allows you to customize your Stealth Safe to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring maximum protection and convenience for your valuable items.

      Door Panel Organizer

      A door panel organizer is a flexible accessory that maximizes storage space in your Stealth Safe by utilizing the vertical space on the inside of the safe door. It typically consists of pockets, pouches, and straps designed to securely hold various items such as handguns, magazines, documents, and other small valuables. This allows for efficient storage and organization of belongings, making the most of the available space in the safe.

      Door panel organizers are available in small, medium, and large sizes, accommodating a range of Stealth Safe models. By installing a door panel organizer in your safe, you can optimize your storage space and keep your valuables organized and easily accessible.

      Depository Safes and Cash Lockers

      Depository safes and cash lockers provide secure and handy solutions for depositing cash, checks, and other valuables. They are constructed of robust materials such as metal and feature advanced locking mechanisms like combination locks or electronic keypad locks. Depository safes allow for secure and convenient depositing of items without having to open the main safe door, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and exposure of valuable items.

      Stealth offers a range of depository safes and cash lockers that you can add to your safe setup for added protection and convenience. With various models and price points available, you can find the perfect depository safe or cash locker to suit your needs and budget.

      Labor Warranty and Fire Warranty

      A labor warranty and fire warranty offer extra protection and peace of mind for your investment in a Stealth Safe. The labor warranty covers the safe and its components for a period of 2 years, while the fire warranty covers damage caused by house fires, including heat, smoke, and water damage.

      The duration of the labor warranty and fire warranty on Stealth Safes may vary depending on the model, with certain models featuring a lifetime warranty for burglary and fire, while others have a limited lifetime warranty. By registering your warranty on the Stealth Safes website, you can ensure that your Stealth Safe is protected in the event of a malfunction or fire.

      How Stealth Safes Compare to Competitors

      Stealth Safes distinguish themselves from competitors with their advanced security features, variety of options, and customizable accessories, making them a top choice for securing your valuables. Built with advanced security technology, fire and water resistance, customizable interiors, and solid construction, Stealth Safes offer a reliable and secure storage solution for your valuables.

      Offering a wide variety of models and features to select from, Stealth Safes provide a solution for every need. Whether you require a safe for firearms, documents, or other valuables, Stealth Safes offer the protection and peace of mind you deserve.


      In summary, Stealth Safes provide advanced security features, customizable options, and a variety of models to suit your specific needs, ensuring the protection of your valuable possessions. From high-security electronic locks and solid steel construction to fire protection and biometric options, Stealth Safes offer top-notch security for your valuables. With the addition of gun safe accessories, you can further enhance the functionality and protection of your safe.

      Don’t leave the security of your valuables to chance. Invest in a Stealth Safe and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your possessions are well-protected and secure.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Who makes Kodiak gun safes?

      Rhino Metals is the maker of Kodiak gun safes.

      Are stealth gun safes any good?

      Stealth Gun Safes offer excellent quality and security at a great price, making them a great option for your gun safe needs.

      What are the hardest gun safes to break into?

      For maximum protection against break-ins, choose a gun safe with thick steel construction, relocking mechanisms, a hardened steel plate behind the lock, and a small door gap.

      Should a gun safe be hidden?

      It is recommended to hide a gun safe behind a wall panel or other concealment method, to avoid letting visitors know you possess a firearm.

      What makes Stealth Safes different from other safe brands?

      Stealth Safes boast advanced security features, fire/water resistance, customizable interiors, strong construction, and a discreet design, making them superior to other safe brands.

        Why Choose Stealth Safes?

        There are many reasons to choose Stealth Safes, including:

        • Unmatched security: Stealth Safes are designed to provide the highest level of security for your valuables. They are made with thick, strong steel and feature advanced security features such as electronic locks, biometric scanners, and pry-resistant doors.
        • Peace of mind: Knowing that your valuables are safe and secure gives you peace of mind. With a Stealth Safe, you can rest assured that your belongings are protected from theft, fire, and water damage.
        • Durability: Stealth Safes are built to last. They are made with the highest quality materials and construction, and they are backed by a lifetime warranty.
        • Affordability: Stealth Safes are available at a variety of price points, so you can find the perfect safe for your budget.

        At Everlasting Safes, we are committed to providing our customers with the best security solutions available. Browse our selection of Stealth Safes and invest in the discreet, reliable, and secure storage options you deserve. Protect your valuables and firearms with confidence, knowing that Stealth Safes deliver top-tier security and discretion in one innovative package.

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